Curious about the strangest creatures on the planet, anyone who sees them is startled

Blood-red jellyfish is one of the The weirdest creature on the planet. They were discovered by scientists during a North Atlantic expedition in 2021. This strikingly colored jellyfish belongs to the genus Poralia – which includes jellyfish with bell-shaped heads and up to 30 tentacles. This is one of the most fragile creatures.Glass octopus (Vitreledonella … Read more

NASA discovers Earth-like planet in an area conducive to living organisms

On January 11, 2023, astronomers “NASA” discovered “planet” A new exoplanet named TOI-700 e is similar in size toword Orbit in a habitable zone in a system of small rocky planets similar to our own solar system. With data from the TESS space telescope, this marks the second rocky planet discovered in the habitable zone … Read more