Is there a risk of a relapse into old gender roles?

Is there a risk of a relapse into old gender roles?

Home office with a child Parents with young children tend to want to work more days from home than other groups. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf Presence from Monday to Friday, fixed working hours and a permanent workplace in the office are a thing of the past in many places. The corona pandemic has changed working life, … Read more

Digital job monitor: AI experts wanted

Darmstadt The corona pandemic has given a strong boost to the digitization of German companies. However, many high-tech investments have been shelved for the time being to do the neglected digital homework such as cloud computing and e-commerce. Now the focus seems to be turning more towards future topics. The demand for specialists in artificial … Read more

“You learned to hack our brains”

Yuval Noah Harari In the past few years, Harari has written several worldwide bestsellers. (Photo: Jonas Holthaus / laif) The historian Yuval Noah Harari not only studies the past, he also looks far into the future. His performances and books (“21 Lessons for the 21st Century”, “Homo Deus”) have inspired millions of people worldwide. And … Read more

Why innovations change everything – and that’s good news

Insights into the future The future, so colorful, so confused: impressions from the Hong Kong exhibition “Metaverse”. (Foto: REUTERS (M)) Düsseldorf Many will not associate anything special with November 15, 1971. The modern world changed that day. Intel launched the 4004 microprocessor. The first one-chip microprocessor that was mass-produced and based on silicon – the namesake … Read more

Made in Germany – but sustainable!

We live in a time of upheaval. Today’s decisions affect the lives of future generations like never before – keyword: climate change. Current investments determine the future of Made in Germany. As an industrialized country, we may still be a role model for many other countries. But when it comes to digitization, we are one … Read more