Dollar Monitor, and DolarToday: price of the dollar in Venezuela, today, Monday, May 30 | Dollar today | Venezuelan dollar | Bank of Venezuela | Dollar | Venezuela

The dollar price in Venezuela is this Monday, May 30, above the official rate handled by the Central Bank (BCV). Meanwhile, the Association of Colombians … Read more

DolarToday, and Dollar Monitor, Monday, May 9: price of the dollar Venezuela | Dollar today | dollar Venezuela | Venezuelan bank | parallel dollar rate | currency price | Venezuela

DolarToday and Dollar Monitorthis Monday, May 9, set the dollar price parallel above what is established in the official rate of the Central Bank of … Read more

Price of the dollar in Venezuela today, Thursday, April 7, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor | parallel dollar | dollar venezuela | average dollar | dollar today | Venezuela

DolarToday and Dollar Monitor shows, for this Thursday, April 7, a dollar price taller than the officer, the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV)one day after … Read more

DolarToday and Dollar Monitor today, April 6: check here the price of the dollar in Venezuela | Dollar today | Venezuelan dollar | Venezuelan bank | Venezuela

The price of the dollar was determined this Wednesday, April 6, by the DolarToday and Dollar Monitorwhose value is the highest in Venezuela, compared to … Read more