Sobchak in a scarlet retro suit for the first time in a long time was published with Bogomolov

Ksenia Sobchak has long been famous throughout the country. It is noteworthy that not so long ago, the journalist was again at the center of the scandal. She even had to flee the country for a while, as she was declared suspect in the case about extortion, and then transferred to the status of a … Read more

Lopyreva in a Barbie-colored silk dress did not hide her rounded belly at the party

Victoria Lopyreva is one of the most famous people in Russia. At one time she began to work on television. The blonde does not hide that she is constantly in the spotlight. The winner of the Miss Russia beauty contest has been living in Dubai for two years now, where light comes out regularly. Usually … Read more

Stesha Malikova was noted in a trendy azure-colored coat and flowing trousers

Stesha Malikova was born and raised in a stellar family. She has long been interested in fashion. Two years ago, while studying at MGIMO, Dmitry Malikov’s daughter launched her own clothing brand. It is noteworthy that not so long ago she shared advice regarding fashion. Every season, a businesswoman releases trendy outfits. Not so long … Read more

Klava Koka in a linen shirt and flared trousers with lace-up slits went down the subway

Klava Koka is a popular young performer. She has been performing on stage for about five years and was able to earn a fortune. The singer bought an apartment in Moscow two years ago and recently boasted of repairs in it. The artist continues to tour regularly. She often wears not only branded outfits, but … Read more

daughter-in-law Orbakaite in a pleated skirt and a creamy pullover boasted a trendy manicure

It’s been five years now son Kristina Orbakaite Nikita Presnyakov is married to Alena Krasnova. She was very young when she met the musician. They had love at first sight. Now the couple travel a lot and like to gather friends at the former dacha of the Diva. At the same time, everyone also builds … Read more

Buzova in a mustard dress with a spectacular slimness broke the dishes in a restaurant in Turkey

Olga Buzova is one of the most famous people in Russia. She hosted the Dom-2 program for a long time. The TV presenter is now working on new projects and continues to give concerts. She regularly surprises the audience flashy outfitsand. At 36, the blonde tries to keep her figure. It is noteworthy that the … Read more

Lera Kudryavtseva in a floor-length silhouette dress flashed at a gala concert

Lera Kudryavtsevand most of his life works on television. She does not hide that she is happy to become part of entertainment projects. The blonde recently returned from a vacation she spent in Bulgaria with her mother and daughter. She managed to see friends, and then returned to filming, where she demonstrates bright costumes. Recently, … Read more

Arzamasova in a white oversized dress showed off in the arms of Averbukh in Armenia

Lisa Arzamasova is a famous actress. She became famous for her role in the series “Daddy’s Daughters”. However, now she has dozens of other bright roles in her piggy bank. The actress also plays in the theater. She tried to remain silent about her personal life. However, now it is no longer a secret that … Read more