Indie game creator kunitoku launches ‘What shape? Silhouette quiz 3D’! A quiz game that leads you to the answer from the 3D silhouette |

On January 31, 2023, indie game creator “kunitoku” released a new game called “Nankatachi? Silhouette Quiz 3D” on the AppStore and GooglePlay. In this work, you can rotate the silhouette with a swipe and use your imagination. Animals, vehicles, furniture, buildings, food, tools, plants, etc. appear as 3D silhouettes. A total of 100 questions are … Read more

Cyberstep, PandaShojo developed novel game “Menhera Ensemble – Needy Girlfriends -” released on Nintendo eShop!

cyber stephas started distribution of the novel game “Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” developed by the novel game brand PandaShojo on December 22, 2022 at the Nintendo eShop (1980 yen). promotion video I want to experience the experience of loving someone to death.“Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” is a visual novel that makes such wishes come true.The … Read more

Square Enix, “Romasaga RS” will hold “4th Anniversary 4th” from today! “4th Anniversary Romancing Festival Holy Night Festival Edition” and more! |gamebiz

Square Enix and Akatsuki Games have announced that “Romancing Sagari Universe” will hold the “4th Anniversary Part 4” from December 22nd. ▼Event details 4th Anniversary 4th Login Bonus!During the period, you can get the following items by logging in for up to 3 days.・Congratulations! 4th anniversary!platinum ticket[期間限定] ×150・Congratulations! 4th anniversary!expedition instant return ticket[期間限定] ×1,000 ・Congratulations! … Read more

Nihon Falcom, Switch’s 2nd installment “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-” released in the spring of 23 “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” HD remaster & additional elements | gamebiz

Nihon Falcomwill release “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-“, a HD remastered version of “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” with additional elements, as the second Nintendo Switch in-house title, in the spring of 2023. ■ About “Ys Memoire – Oath of Felgana”Released as a PlayStation®Portable (PSP) version in 2010, “Ys -The Oath of Felghana-“, which has been highly acclaimed … Read more

Cyberstep, a new novel game for Switch “Become an ideal lover! – My Dream Lover -” started distribution

cyber step, from today (December 15th), a new novel game for Nintendo Switch developed by PandaShojo “Be your ideal lover! -My Dream Lover-” has been released. This work is a visual novel game that depicts a training battle in which the hero and heroine impose their ideals on each other with a comical touch. The … Read more