the video that Llaryora released to close his administration

2023-12-01 11:18:41 The outgoing mayor of the city of Córdoba, Martin Llaryorareleased a video this Friday to close his management in the municipal public administration of the Capital. As of December 10, he will take on a new challenge, when he assumes the governorship of Córdoba. In the clip that he released, lasting almost two … Read more

Beauty Expert Murooj Al-Rhaili draws a Massive Crowd in Sakaka Governorate

2023-10-02 02:32:50 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip documented a crowd around the beauty expert and social media celebrity, Murooj Al-Rhaili, during her visit to Sakaka Governorate. Al-Rahili appeared in the video clip while she was inside a perfume exhibition, surrounded by a large number of fans who crowded around her to take souvenir photos with … Read more

Extraordinary Hospitality in Al-Dawasir: Saudi Cyclist’s Encounter with Warmth and Generosity

2023-07-25 10:43:02 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi cyclist named Turki Al-Asiri documented the reaction of a citizen towards him when he entered Wadi Al-Dawasir Governorate. And the clip explained, “Al-Asiri”, while he was touring the regions of the Kingdom on his bike, but when he entered the city of Al-Dawasir, he found a citizen stopping his … Read more

The grandson of Muhammad Al-Muji to Al-Nahar: The Entertainment Authority is trying to preserve the singing heritage

2023-05-04 05:45:00 A number of singing stars in the Arab world are taking part in the “Masterpieces of Al-Muji” celebration, which is being held tonight at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Saudi Arabia, to honor the name of the late Egyptian musician Muhammad Al-Muji, one of the most important pillars of music in Egypt, … Read more

Basra.. the first comment of the Civil Defense after the station fire

2023-05-03 21:40:00 The Director of Civil Defense, Basra Governorate, confirmed that no human damage was recorded after the station fire. Brigadier General Tahsin Ali Al-Sari said in an interview with Al-Sumaria News, “All civil defense teams participated in 20 teams with pelvic disguises.” Al-Sari added that “there are no human damages,” stressing that “a committee … Read more

Control cases of manipulation and abuse of state real estate in Nineveh

2023-04-26 19:10:55 Integrity said in a statement, “The cadres of the Nineveh Investigation Directorate were able to seize the official of the transgressions unit in the Nergal municipal sector and an employee in the self-sufficiency sector, against the background of tampering with the records of transgressions by rubbing and erasing, in addition to seizing a … Read more