Ecuador’s Most Dangerous Prison: Inside The Litoral Penitentiary

2023-11-13 03:59:58 So far in 2023, the police and military forces have intervened eight times in the Litoral Penitentiary, the most dangerous prison in Ecuador, which is located in Guayaquil. The pavilions of this prison are dominated by the most powerful criminal organizations in the country, all linked to international drug trafficking. The last search … Read more

Earthquake in Ecuador: the first images of the destruction left by the powerful earthquake | Earthquake in Ecuador | Guillermo Lasso | PHOTOS | Guayas | Guayaquil | WORLD

At least thirteen dead and buildings damaged by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake that shook southern Ecuador and reached its neighbor Peru, according to a preliminary balance of authorities. The tremor was registered at 12:12 local time (17:12 GMT) and had its epicenter in the Ecuadorian municipality of Balao, some 140 kilometers from the port of … Read more

Ecuadorian model would go to prison for sex tape with students: she will be tried for pornography | Society

The woman made a video, of a sexual nature, outside a school in Ecuador. She acknowledged the fact days later, without regret. An Ecuadorian model named Luisa Espinoza He could go to prison because of a video with sexual content that he recorded with students at a college. The Prosecutor’s Office of that country confirmed … Read more

Ecuador decrees a State of Exception after an explosive attack that left 5 dead in Guayaquil | International

An explosive attack left 5 dead, 17 injured -two in critical condition- and 8 houses destroyed in Guayaquil, Ecuador. After that, President Guillermo Lasso decreed a State of Exception in the coastal commune, so that the police and the Armed Forces can establish order and support the respective investigations. The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, … Read more

Attack in Guayaquil | Christ of Consolation | Guillermo Lasso declares state of emergency in Ecuador after attack that killed 5 people | WORLD

An explosion attributed to organized crime in Ecuador left five dead this Sunday and forced the president, Guillermo Lasso, to declare a state of emergency in the coastal city of Guayaquil, one of the most affected by crime linked to drug trafficking. “I have stated in state of exception a the city of Guayaquil due … Read more

Guayaquil | Cristo del Consuelo: large-scale explosion causes at least 5 deaths and houses affected | Ecuador | WORLD

Five people died and another 16 were injured this Sunday due to an explosion in Guayaquilthat the government of Ecuador attributed to organized crime that hits the country, reported authorities and relief agencies. “Mercenaries of organized crime, which have drugged the economy for a long time, are now attacking with explosives. It is not a … Read more