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The chapter ‘The Black Queen’ (’La Reina Negra’, 1×10) marked the season one finale of “House of the Dragon” with a series of shocking events, one being more heartbreaking than the other for Rhaenyra Targaryen. In this episode, in addition to the terrible death of Lucerys Velaryon and the announcement of the death of rey … Read more

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Last Sunday, October 16, premiered “The Green Council” (“The Green Council”), the ninth chapter from the first season (1×09) of “House of the Dragon” (“The house of the dragon”). Without a doubt, an exciting episode focused on the allies of the reina Alicent Hightowerwho join the claim of Aegon II Targaryen as heir to the … Read more

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In the episodio 9 de “House of the Dragon”Erryk Cargyll revealed that Aegon II Targaryen he had an illegitimate son in Flea Bottom and probably many more. The appearance of the little boy with light hair on the HBO Max series has raised the question as to whether it is Gaemon Palehair. After the death … Read more

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