Infineon invests two billion euros in new factory

Infineon invests two billion euros in new factory

Munich Excavators will soon be rolling again at Infineon: Germany’s largest chip manufacturer will build a new factory in Kulim in Malaysia for two billion euros. The Dax group announced this on Thursday. With the plant, the Munich-based company wants to achieve additional annual sales of two billion euros in the future. So-called compound semiconductors … Read more

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Historically, the Dax fluctuates more than other major indices. This attracts short-term oriented professional investors. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf First 39 percent down, then 21 percent up: These price movements are reminiscent of gambler shares from the penny stock area, but come from the leading German index Dax. The … Read more

For which stocks it becomes critical

Trader on Wall Street Anyone who does not deliver is currently being punished on the stock exchange. Other stocks, on the other hand, continue to rise. (Photo: AP) Düsseldorf The mood on the stock exchanges has cracked: fears of significantly higher interest rates in the USA are growing among investors after the inflation figures there … Read more

Dax course currently: Dax continues recovery rally

Dax curve The leading German index had reached several new record highs in the last stock market year. (Foto: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images [M]) Düsseldorf The situation on the German stock market is easing. The Dax rose to 15,477 points during trading, an increase of 2.3 percent and more than 300 points. The stock market barometer is … Read more

How Apple is lifting the chip material gallium nitride into the mass market

Illustration of semiconductors made from gallium nitride Apple is not the first electronics company to use the semiconductor material instead of silicon in chargers. (Photo: Klawe Rzeczy, Getty, Imago [M]) Munich It wasn’t even a side note to the general public, but experts pricked up their ears when Apple recently unveiled its latest notebooks. For … Read more

Dax is staying close to 16,000 points – noticeable purchases in Steinhoff shares

Düsseldorf On the penultimate trading day of the year, the Dax again moved away from the 16,000 point mark. On Wednesday, the German benchmark index was 0.2 percent in the red at 15,935 points in the first hour of trading. “The fears after the appearance of the Omikron variant at the end of November have … Read more