The meaning of sacrifice – It’s in your nature

Published on : 20/02/2022 – 00:34Modified : 20/02/2022 – 00:40 Living beings can kill themselves for the good of their community. A brief overview of animals, plants and even altruistic bacteria. An intruder approached the hive. Attracted by honey and bees. A bird, reptile or other insect. The danger is approaching… But on the steps … Read more

Animal photo: in the intimacy of birds

Published on : 23/01/2022 – 00:16 Wildlife photographers are privileged witnesses of nature and those who live there. Meeting with the photographer Antoine Dusart, passionate about birds « Now I’m hidden, all we have to do is wait. Hidden under a camouflage blanket, behind wild reeds, the photographer Antoine Dusart, a bird lover, whispers at … Read more

Yemen’s dragon tree – it’s in your nature

Published on : 09/01/2022 – 00:06 The Socotra dragon tree grows only on the Yemeni island of Socotra. An extraordinary tree, threatened with extinction by drought, cyclones and livestock. Freelance journalist Quentin Müller, the author of the first text of an original magazine published in France, has chosen to tell his story. Disappearance. Socotra is … Read more