Shen Fuxiong predicted that “this person” will win in 2024! Scholars’ analysis results are unexpected | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Politics Center / Reported by Lin Yunxuan ▲Shen Fuxiong asserted through polls that Hou Youyi will win in 2024; Professor Shi Zhengfeng of Donghua University has a different analysis. (Photo/Flipping Shen Fuxiong’s Facebook page) Please read on…. The outside world is concerned about the layout of the 2024 presidential election, and who will be the … Read more

Cancellation of Ke Wenzhe’s daily morning meeting practice Jiang Wan’an: Don’t open for the sake of opening-Politics-Zhongshi

[Full subtitles]Ke Gui Jiang is not following!Cancel the daily morning meeting at 7:30 Jiang Wanan: Don’t open for the sake of opening Former Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe created a culture of morning meetings at 7:30 am. Mayor Jiang Wanan continued the policy in his first week in office, holding morning meetings at 7:30 am every … Read more

Cai Biru wants to leave the People’s Party?Li Zhenghao: “A sister of the People’s Party has been replaced” and is disheartened | Politics | Newtalk News

People’s Party legislator Cai Biru.Photo: Reposted from Cai Biru’s Facebook page The nine-in-one general election ended. The Taiwan People’s Party, which participated in local elections for the first time, won a total of one mayor, 14 council members, two village chiefs, and eight township citizen representatives. However, a storm broke out within the party after … Read more

Has Wang Shijian been in the DPP not long ago?Ke P was asked a surprising response-Politics-China Times News

Has Wang Shijian been in the DPP not long ago?Ke Wenzhe was asked “one thing” and spit out a surprising response @中时新闻网​​ DPP Taipei City Councilor Wang Shijian said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that he owed favors to the non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan, which was interpreted as “voting to … Read more

“He” is determined to choose the president!Surprised by cronies who broke the news

The 2022 nine-in-one election has drawn attention from all walks of life to the 2024 presidential election. Cai Biru, a former legislator of the People’s Party and the convener of the campaign group, said that the chairman of the People’s Party and Taipei City Mayor Ke Wenzhe’s participation in the 2024 presidential election can be … Read more

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election battle, and Ke P couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election campaign. Ke Wenzhe couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words @中 Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, reorganized the strategic sprint after the incident of Zhou Yukou, a media person, and discussed it with the people with … Read more