Taiwan Vice Presidential Candidate Criticizes Ministry of Foreign Affairs as ‘Running a Travel Agency’: Ministry Responds

2023-12-19 11:35:23 2023/12/19 19:35 People’s Party vice-presidential candidate Wu Xinying said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was “like running a travel agency”, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded. (File photo) [Reporter Yang Yaoru/Report from Taipei]People’s Party vice presidential candidate and legislator Wu Xinying once again attacked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When she … Read more

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Election: Key to Victory, Bailout Effect, and Political Party Rotation

2023-12-16 04:50:55 The presidential election has three pillars, and some polls predict that the bailout effect will be the key to victory or defeat. People’s Party presidential candidate Ko Wenzhe said today that a third political sector has emerged in Taiwan, and even if it abandons the guarantee, it will not be completely abandoned. He … Read more

Chiayi County Wedding Extravaganza: Lin Shuishu’s Daughter’s Lavish Celebration

2023-12-04 04:54:09 Chiayi County/Comprehensive Report In the past, Lin Shuishu, known as the Godfather of the Longitudinal Underworld, Chiayi East Rock’s “Ocean Line Boss”, in August this year, controversy arose due to the visit of the People’s Party presidential candidate Ko Wenzhe to the south. Yesterday (3rd), he married his daughter Xi Kai With more … Read more

Blue and White Campaign Sign Controversy: Ye Yuanzhi P Picture Project Live Broadcast

2023-11-28 03:07:22 Real-time Center/Reported by Lin Gengyu Blue and White officially parted ways. Ye Yuanzhi, the New Taipei City Legislative Candidate of the Kuomintang, who was the first to put up the “Hou Youyi, Ke Wenzhe” joint campaign sign, broadcast the “P Picture” project on the sign on YT on the morning of the 28th, … Read more

2024 Taiwan Presidential Election: Ke Wenzhe’s Blue and White Negotiation Process and Third Party Role

2023-11-26 09:39:35 Blue and White broke the tie. People’s Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe said today that the Kuomintang had tricked him into entering the set-up during the negotiation process. He himself made several mistakes, including “The coach cannot sign unless his staff has seen it,” and The statistical error range of the game rules … Read more

2024 Taiwan Presidential Election: Kuomintang and People’s Party Updates and Analysis

2023-11-25 06:22:30 Chinese Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi said today that politics is about “integrity” when talking about the Blue-White partnership. The Kuomintang has done its best to be kind and righteous. Unfortunately, “sincerity is exchanged for ruthlessness”. Taiwan People’s Party presidential candidate Ko Wenzhe himself is leaving the team. ???? Watch the Yahoo News … Read more

Taiwan Political Center: Breaking News and Comprehensive Reports on Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections

2023-11-22 23:03:00 Political Center/Comprehensive Report ▲Guo Zhengliang said that if Blue and White break the tie, there is a 90% chance that Hou Youyi’s deputy will be Ke Zhien. (Picture/File photo) The registration deadline for the presidential and vice-presidential elections has closed, and every move of the candidates of each party has attracted much attention … Read more

Blue-White Partnership in Crisis: Kuomintang Breach, Ke Wenzhe’s Next Move, and DPP Threat

2023-11-21 11:20:07 Reporter Lu Sumei/Reporting from Taipei The Blue-White partnership is on the verge of collapse. Former Democratic Progressive Party legislator Lin Zhuoshui said today (21st) that although KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun has been tactfully persuading in order to save the situation of the Blue-White partnership, the Kuomintang has broken the contract and is anti-scientific, … Read more