Kerala High Court Stay Order on School Bus Release for Nava Kerala Yatra

2023-11-21 09:57:07 21 November 2023, 03:27 PM IST Kerala High Court | Photo: Mathrubhumi Kochi: The High Court has stayed the Director of Education’s order to release school buses if needed by the organizing committee to transport people to the Nava Kerala yatra. Justice Devan Ramachandran ordered that the order should not be implemented without … Read more

Relaxation of High Court Ban on Untimely Firecrackers in Places of Worship: Impact on Festivals like Thrissur Pooram

2023-11-07 07:11:13 Kochi: The division bench partially relaxed the High Court single bench order banning untimely firecrackers in places of worship. The ban on untimely fireworks will remain in place from 10 pm to 6 am. But the division bench headed by the Chief Justice also clarified that important temples can approach the government for … Read more

Actress withdraws allegations against trial court judge: Latest updates and investigation into memory card leak

2023-11-06 12:30:28 In the case of the actress being attacked, Ati Jivetha withdrew the allegation made against the trial court. The actress told the High Court that the complaint against the trial court judge is not ‘pressing’. This was clarified during the proceedings of the case pending in the High Court seeking an investigation into … Read more

High Court Names Child in Dispute over Daughter’s Name – A Landmark Ruling for Child Welfare

2023-09-30 19:20:16 Kochi ∙ When the estranged couple quarreled over their daughter’s name, the High Court named her. The court used the special power explaining that namelessness is not good for the child’s welfare. Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas’s order on the mother’s petition invoked the legal power of ‘Parens Patria’, including being the guardian of … Read more

Exposing Corruption: Sudhakaran Takes a Dig at CM Pinarayi Vijayan and MV Govindan

2023-06-20 16:23:34 Thiruvananthapuram – KPCC president K. Sudhakaran said that the heavy blow given by the High Court against the road camera fraud scheme is the best welcome that Kerala can give to the Chief Minister who has returned after his stay abroad. Sudhakaran quipped that he will have to look for other ways to … Read more

KSRTC should give an explanation on the move to pay installments

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ KSRTC employees against the move to pay installments. The employees approached the High Court with objection. The High Court said that KSRTC should give an explanation on the incident. Justice Satish Nainan’s instruction is to give an explanation before Wednesday. The High Court had earlier asked the KSRTC management to pay the employees … Read more