Kerala University Senate Nomination Controversy: High Court Stay and SFI Activists’ Protest

2023-12-12 10:10:23 Ernakulam; The High Court stayed the action of the governor who nominated students to the Senate of Kerala University. Justice TR Ravi’s interim order was issued on a petition filed by the students. The stay was on the action of nominating four students to the senate. High Court proceedings. Meanwhile, the more stringent … Read more

Cusat Tragedy: High Court Ruling and Investigations Updates

2023-12-05 07:04:07 Kochi: The High Court has ruled that the Cusat tragedy which resulted in the death of four students is a failure of the systems. The court also directed the state government to hand over the information about what kind of investigations are going on regarding the accident. University authorities also have some responsibility … Read more

High Court Names Child in Dispute over Daughter’s Name – A Landmark Ruling for Child Welfare

2023-09-30 19:20:16 Kochi ∙ When the estranged couple quarreled over their daughter’s name, the High Court named her. The court used the special power explaining that namelessness is not good for the child’s welfare. Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas’s order on the mother’s petition invoked the legal power of ‘Parens Patria’, including being the guardian of … Read more

High Court Orders Review of AI Camera Project on State Roads: Latest Updates and Analysis – Contemporary Malayalam Desk

2023-06-20 07:00:00 20th Jun 2023 12:30 PM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk Kochi: The High Court has asked to check all the details of the project to install AI cameras on the roads of the state. The bench headed by Chief Justice SV Bhatti directed that the exchequer should check whether there was any loss or … Read more

High Court Stays Proceedings: Relief for Unni Mukundan in Women Insulting Case

2023-06-15 09:40:00 15th Jun 2023 03:10 PM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk Kochi: Relief for actor Unni Mukundan in the case of insulting women. The High Court stayed the further proceedings in the case. Action was taken on Unni Mukundan’s petition to quash the case. Unni Mukundan informed the court that he had settled with the … Read more

“High Court Allows Abortion for 15-Year-Old Conceived by Brother – Medical and Social Implications”

2023-05-22 16:34:06 Kochi | High Court allows abortion of 15-year-old girl who was conceived by her brother. The court ordered citing the medical board report that if the girl gives birth, there is a possibility of various social and health complications. Justice Ziyad Rahman considered the report of the medical board and ordered the action. … Read more

KSRTC Refuses to Assume Salary Responsibility as Employees Remain Resistant to Change: Government

The government has stated in an affidavit filed in the High Court that they are not responsible for paying the salaries of the inefficient Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) employees. The affidavit also acknowledged that the government considers KSRTC to be the most ineffective transport corporation in South India, and therefore has no obligation … Read more