Cusat Tragedy: High Court Ruling and Investigations Updates

2023-12-05 07:04:07

Kochi: The High Court has ruled that the Cusat tragedy which resulted in the death of four students is a failure of the systems. The court also directed the state government to hand over the information about what kind of investigations are going on regarding the accident.

University authorities also have some responsibility while organizing such events. Don’t blame the kids who are the organizers of various events. The High Court clarified that children are not criminals and should not be treated as criminals.

The university informed the court that there are four types of inquiry into the Cusat disaster. Magisterial, Higher Education Department, Syndicate Sub-Committee and Human Rights Commission are investigating. The lawyer stated that the government and the university are taking the matter seriously.

KSU state president Aloysius Xavier has filed a petition in the High Court seeking an order for a judicial inquiry into the Kusat disaster. A letter has been sent to the principal asking for security for the students’ event. The letter was ignored by the university. KSU pointed out in the petition that the university’s systems have failed. The court will consider the petition again on December 14.

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