The latest graphics card ladder list announced: the top ten NVIDIA accounted for five seats! RTX 4090 fault first–fast technology–technology changes the future

As we all know, the graphics card is one of the basic components of the personal computer. It converts the display information required by the computer system to drive the display, and provides progressive or interlaced scanning signals to the display to control the correct display of the display. It is the connection between the … Read more

Do not ignore it.. A warning sign that appears when climbing the stairs warns that you will have this dangerous disease!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Some people ignore another symptom indicating that you have bowel cancer, and the feeling of unexplained fatigue or shortness of breath while climbing stairs occurs due to slow blood loss through the stool. For her part, British Dr. Sarah Mills, a colorectal surgeon at Leicester Hospital in London, said: “There are some symptoms … Read more

The government’s ministerial platform includes sponsoring components and promoting civil peace », the Iraqi News Agency

Baghdad – conscious Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani affirmed today, Monday, that the government’s ministerial curriculum included sponsoring components and strengthening civil peace. The media office of the Prime Minister said, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani received, today, the Iraqi National Dialogue Project team … Read more

Civil Defense saves a family of 6 from a fire accident in a residential apartment in Babel

Baghdad – consciousThe Civil Defense Directorate announced that a family of 6, including children, had been rescued from a fire accident in a residential apartment in Babel. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram The Directorate stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the civil defense teams … Read more