“Aom Sakawjai”, the real thing, won the big prize lottery for 16/12/2022 from the Plus lottery division.

I must say that the latest “Aom Sakaojai girl” the real thing Win the big lottery prize in the draw 16/12/2022 from the Plus lottery Let me tell you, get a lot of money! By this work, shewon the 4th prize and posted a message stating: “Screaming, screaming, mother comes every draw!!! won the 4th … Read more

Dr. Manoon warns against COVID-19, the XBB strain is expected to arrive in Thailand soon

byIndiabegan to see the spread ofXBB covid virus which is a hybrid ofCOVID virus strain BA.2.10.1 with BA.2.75 It is believed that the species will soon be replaced. BA.2.75 in india Thailand can be prepared that after the epidemic of the coronavirus strain BA.2.75 Soon there will be species. XBB spread like India Because this … Read more

Get to know each other about diseases and how to prevent pneumonia.

pneumoniaorpneumoniaIt is an inflammation of the lungs and bronchi. This can happen for 3 main reasons. 1) Infections include: Bacteria, including pneumococcus (Pneumococcus) Viruses include influenza, SARS virus (SARS Virus). Others include fungi, parasites, etc. 2) Non-infection: Aspiration of food particles into the lungs Inhaling smoke, dust into the body in large quantities 3) Autoimmune … Read more

Get to know anemia, don’t trust it and how to prevent it.

anemiacaused by what? The cause of the anemia. It can be caused by many reasons. It can be divided into the main causes as follows. 1) Creationred blood cellsless, which is caused by . malnutrition receiving inadequate nutrition Especially the lack of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid. . chronic disease certain chronic diseases or … Read more

Doctors warn about 4 habits in daily life that can increase the risk of “cancer”

while working people aged 22-60 years have to enter the work from home model (Work from Home) instead of traveling to work at the old office Student groups, students from kindergarten to university level Must be enrolled through the online system. Including doing activities in daily life through almost all online platforms without having to … Read more

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle with a whole new design

Mr. Shigeto Kimura, Executive Chairman of Thai Honda Company Limited, said, “The Thai motorcycle market in the first half of the year has a good direction. With 911,162 registrations, a 4% increase compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, Honda had 705,487 units, growing 3%, close to the total market. The segment with the … Read more