Doctors warn about 4 habits in daily life that can increase the risk of “cancer”

while working people aged 22-60 years have to enter the work from home model (Work from Home) instead of traveling to work at the old office

Student groups, students from kindergarten to university level Must be enrolled through the online system. Including doing activities in daily life through almost all online platforms without having to move out of the house

Such factors stimulate or increase the risk of cancer from the following behaviors

What kind of daily habits are at risk of “cancer”?
Stress because you have to adjust to a new work style. have to learn new technologies They also can’t divide their vacation time from work. or balanced learning combined with having to face economic problems and many of them face unemployment problems
Not getting enough rest or insomnia for a long time The consequences of cumulative stress from the adaptation of new normal receptors
eating unhealthy food frozen food Packaged foods, snacks, and repetitive eating habits, frequent quick meals, most often meat dishes that are cooked by frying or stir-frying. that are often high in fat, making the belly fat It also increases the risk of causing cancer.
Do not exercise or move your body less each day. due to inability to manage time Often spend time at work, move little or barely move outside the house.
However, although there are many new emerging diseases But cancer is still at the top. of the disease that kills the most Thai people each year and is expected to continue to increase The cause of cancer is 70% of everyday behavior. which can be avoided

Department of Medical Information The Ministry of Public Health found the top 5 cancers that are a problem for Thai people from behavior. In male patients,

1. Liver cancer
2. Lung cancer
3. Colon cancer
4. rectal cancer
5. Oral cancer

The female patient is

1. Breast cancer
2. Colon cancer
3. Cervical cancer
4. Cancer of the reproductive organs
5. Liver cancer

In order to avoid behaviors that risk cancer spreading without knowing Or if you know first, you can control and cure it. 3 tips to avoid, reduce, supplement to reduce the risk of cancer. injuring behavior but the love of cancer in accordance with the New Normal

Avoid… While many companies have measures for employees to work from home. As a result, various activities may have to be in a limited area. together with the public or family

Avoid inhaling toxic fumes that contain cancer-causing substances such as cigarette smoke. or smoke from incense in the house or nearby Because in an era where many people have to stay at home, activities may be in limited areas. like smoking in the house or condo balcony, etc.
avoid drinking alcohol Especially during COVID-19 and an unpredictable economy This may result in many people turning to alcohol to relieve more stress.
Avoid ejaculation on time. or frequent constipation from eating foods that are not fresh or overnight food caused by having fun working, moving less, eating less fiber food
Reduce… Consuming bad foods that cancer loves. especially during quarantine Many homes have to choose to order food from the delivery application. Ready-to-eat food, frozen food, re-cooked food

Reduce food containing nitrosamines in processed meats such as sausages, ham, bacon, Chinese sausage, etc. from the menu that comes with promotions through delivery sales. stimulate consumer demand
Cut down on high-carbon foods from burnt foods. and oil that has been fried many times over
Reduce foods that contain alpha-toxins. In damp dry foods such as peas, cayenne peppers or dried shrimps.
Reduce food containing chemicals from fermented foods such as pickled vegetables and fruits, fermented fish, fermented fish.
reduce uncooked food Because it is a source of parasites that cause cancer, such as blood larvae, raw freshwater fish, or uncleanly washed fresh vegetables.
Add… to prevent, far away from the situation of the epidemic of the coviral-19 virus. unpredictable Therefore, strengthening the body’s immunity in the New Normal is a matter of increased attention.

Eat at least 5 different colored fruits and vegetables per day. They are rich in antioxidants from vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
Enrich your diet with whole grains and whole grains. Because there is fiber that helps in excretion. free radicals and many phytochemicals
Enhance the flavor of food with the use of spices. Instead of using an excess amount of seasoning powder.
enhance body movement or exercising regularly
It enhances the relaxation of the body and brain from work. to reduce stress encountered daily with favorite activities such as watching movies, listening to music or playing games, etc.
Enhancing sleep and rest for enough time and suitable for each age body
regular health checks
If you can take approaches to avoid, reduce, add to adjust the behavior of daily life. until promoting the foundation of health care on a regular basis By choosing to eat a variety of food, complete 5 groups are nutritious. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. exercise regularly get enough rest And keeping the mind, not stressed, is considered the best magic pill in every moment of life. No matter how the lifestyle of society changes

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