Nose spray covid vaccine, made by Thai people, can’t go on The reason that there is no state fund may be too late.

which as soon asbiotech announced the success ofVaccineJust two weeks later, the research team came up with a vaccine formulated forDelta speciesIn particular, one more … Read more

Mae Pam reveals that she doesn’t ask for a baht of dowry. After Inspector Mee finds auspicious time to decorate Khemanit pancakes

Recently, Mae Pam has come out to open up that On the bear sidefind auspicious occasionBut the situation like this still cannot be determined. But … Read more

Chiang Mai raises the level of measures Order to close more markets, effective 1 Nov.

at the same timeChiang Mai Province has also been announced Ask those traveling infamous risk areafollowing during 20-28 Oct. 2021 1. Krungsri Auto (Chiang Mai … Read more

Po Nattawut posted a picture of Ae Pornthip, a new look, secretly teasing her to get a new wife as a Korean girl.

latest on the side Po Nattawut has posted a picture of Ae Pornthip Along with specifying a message to tease his wife that new wifeI’m … Read more

“Ploy Chidchan” surprises “Ken”‘s birthday with a video clip!

The latest is anotherheart warming momentwhenA “Ploy Chidchan” surprises “Ken”‘s birthday with a video clip fromHusband’s family in Hong Kong This work madeTears all over … Read more

Lisa BLACKPINK bangs continuously Was invited from America’s biggest show

It is also the most popular American culture pop media show thatguestcome for interviews, activities andbrand shoppingtogether withcelebsand celebrities that the list format might bePalisa … Read more

“Doctor Thira” warns Covid-19 situation in Thailand. Understanding of vaccines.

However, each vaccine hasLimitations vary. For example, the ChAdOx vector. May be careful of blood clots in the brain.Especially people younger than 50-60 years old, … Read more

“Non Phrom 60+” increases the target audience for AstraZeneca + Pfizer vaccination.

Conditions : Only targeted groups and must be people who have never received any vaccines before. Injection field MCC Hall, The Mall Ngamwongwan, 27 Sep. … Read more

Virologists say it’s better to prevent coronavirus If wearing a cloth mask over a mask

And in addition, there are studies ofUS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actionWear a double maskproperly, can prevent 95% bycloth mask cover over … Read more