Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle with a whole new design

Mr. Shigeto Kimura, Executive Chairman of Thai Honda Company Limited, said, “The Thai motorcycle market in the first half of the year has a good direction. With 911,162 registrations, a 4% increase compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, Honda had 705,487 units, growing 3%, close to the total market. The segment with the most growth potential is the AT vehicle segment. which totaled 397,733 vehicles, a growth of 6%. What is interesting is that Honda has a growth of 12% in this segment with 279,207 vehicles, a growth rate that is much higher than the overall market.”

“The important factor that makes A.T. highly popular It comes from the behavior of consumers who are interested in cars that are easy to drive, comfortable and have complete functions. The AT cars of Honda can meet these needs well. Until able to occupy the first place in all types of AT cars, whether it is Scoopy with a total registration of 96,679 cars, is ranked number 1 in the AT fashion group. Like the Click Series with a total registration of 64,732 cars, the highest in the sports AT group.

While the PCX160 was able to hold the highest sales in the premium AT group. as well as at 77,708 cars and finally in the high-premium AT car group Forza350 also received the highest market acceptance. With a registration of up to 10,988 units, the popularity of all 4 AT models comes from a beautiful design that clearly reflects the character and lifestyle. Packed with functions that come with advanced technology for comfort and safety. including technology from Honda’s powerful eSP+ 4-valve engine.”

“We expect the overall market in 2022 to rise to 1,740,000 units, an 8% increase compared to 2021, while Honda is targeting 1,359,000 units, a 10% growth over the overall market. which Honda has planned to produce Managing spare parts and stocks to meet the market demand in the first half of the year affected by the shortage of semiconductors. as well as being ready to support the demand from the market stimulating activities of new models and models that are popular in the market to respond to customers faster and more efficiently.”

In addition to production and sales management strategies In the last half of the year, Thai Honda continues to raise the standard of service centers. Honda Wing Center with a major remodeling of the storefront with a modern design with a target of 100 branches within this year and to support the needs of customers in the expanding Iconic Bike group Thai Honda prepares to penetrate the market to meet sales and service activities with a plan to open a CUB House Corner in-store Honda Wing Center to 22 locations across the country by 2022, ready to upgrade after-sales service with service standards that provide confidence with modern tools and skilled craftsmen who are skilled in supporting the technology of newer vehicles at the same time

All New Honda Wave 125i Sport Design with New Frame Design materials and techniques to connect the body to be more durable, lighter, easier to control and more agile than before. New meter LCD Multi Meter combines display technology. dimensionally elegant modular design

New design taillights, sleek, New X-clusive LED Tailight, LED headlights and taillights with a new front console design, New Front Pocket, adding multi-purpose compartments Easy to use

new suspension by increasing the distance of the front and rear shock absorbers can absorb shock Helps to maintain a better balance

Large under-seat storage space, XL Size U-Box, 17 liters capacity, can fit a full-face helmet. 5.4 liter large oil tank, can run far, drive continuously

Safety ignition switch, just press the key to operate. Easy to open-close, lock-start the engine and open the seat easily.

New Honda Smart Engine, the latest engine technology of the 125 cc class. The PGM-FI injection system raises a new standard of family cars. Reflecting Confidence with Better Performance Than Ever Advance force with new piston stroke adjustment and provides a maximum fuel efficiency of 71.4 km / liter

Enhanced with Piston Oil Jet system for better heat dissipation, reduce wear, durable, prolong service life. Install a new hydraulic automatic chain tension adjustment system, delivering continuous power at all speeds. Reduces flicker and engine noise.

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle  with a whole new design

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle  with a whole new design

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle  with a whole new design

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle  with a whole new design

Honda launches All New Wave125i, a popular motorcycle  with a whole new design

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