Dr. Manoon warns against COVID-19, the XBB strain is expected to arrive in Thailand soon

byIndiabegan to see the spread ofXBB covid virus which is a hybrid ofCOVID virus strain BA.2.10.1 with BA.2.75 It is believed that the species will soon be replaced. BA.2.75 in india Thailand can be prepared that after the epidemic of the coronavirus strain BA.2.75 Soon there will be species. XBB spread like India Because this new species is more contagious than the old species. and avoid immunity from vaccination or natural infection better than the original strain

Currently, the new strain of the COVID virus takes a shorter time, only 3-4 months, to replace the original strain. And caused a new wave of pandemics over and over again all over the world. Fortunately, the new strains of COVID-19 do not cause severe illness and death like Delta strains. Especially those who received 4 doses of vaccine, that is, received 2 full doses of vaccine followed by 2 booster doses.

Source:Doctor Manoon Leechawengwong FC

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