Update the police leading Chinese tourists private car modification take time off duty

update progress Police lead Chinese tourists The Royal Thai Police held a meeting of the fact-finding committee. Clip of foreign tourist services and inviting 2 police officers under the jurisdiction to clarify Send documents to help the government drive the convoy “Deputy Prime Minister Don”, expecting to be a group take time off duty Private … Read more

Dr. Manoon warns against COVID-19, the XBB strain is expected to arrive in Thailand soon

byIndiabegan to see the spread ofXBB covid virus which is a hybrid ofCOVID virus strain BA.2.10.1 with BA.2.75 It is believed that the species will soon be replaced. BA.2.75 in india Thailand can be prepared that after the epidemic of the coronavirus strain BA.2.75 Soon there will be species. XBB spread like India Because this … Read more

Mekong swimmer said to himself, “Tono”, was it easy or difficult to swim across the Mekong this time?

For many people are concerned because I think that it is during flooding that it can be dangerous Which can eliminate this problem at all. I just wish Tony had a strong body. There has only been a very good workout. I’m sure Tony can do it. Another part is in swimming. There will be … Read more

Nong Cha Cha Cha finds a job for “Mum Jokmok” after posting a picture of his wife and child from Chiang Rai!?

latest on the side Nong Cha Cha Cha posted a clip of a fan club.that Sang came from Chiang Rai province to eatNoodle shop in Nakhon Nayok province which a girl who said that she wasMia Mom is from Chiang Rai. Before someone else in the group pointed to the boy and said thisPork balls … Read more

“Register for State Welfare Card 2022”, proxy form, complete check here

Today, September 5, 2022 is the first day for opening. “Registering the State welfare card 2022” Or used to be called the poor card registration. check from the Ministry of Finance Registration for the State Welfare 2022 is scheduled for September 5 – October 19, 2022. Registration for State Welfare 2022 Everyone will have to … Read more

“Pum Kraisorn” was sent to the hospital for urgent treatment. waiting for the results of the biopsy

Most recently, the fans couldn’t help but worry. When the image of “Pum Kraisorn” Husband of Lukthung Queen “Phung Puang MoonGo to the hospital urgently waiting for the results of the biopsy by “Pum Kraisorn” then revealed the picture via social media and stated the message “This time, you must look at the health program. … Read more

Famous shop owner Find a way to survive OCSC Invented the sauce recipe Until becoming good

Present Sauce is one Received attention from customers in Vietnam and Myanmar.Contract to order to sell abroad From the production of the sauce in the shop Develop and establish a company and doMade in factory standards Take care of every step in production. Especially the storyCleanliness and hygiene Develop various tools to produce asFood Grade … Read more

Watch the highlight of the great shot “Buakhao Banchamek”, organized hard by “Dmitri Warat”. This event is broken.

After the victory of Buakaw posted a message stating that Stayed for 3 years, came back at the age of 40, came back again to prove myself. And thank all Thai people who have always supported Buakaw. and the contract will do the best job Thank you to all supporters of Buakaw at Always take … Read more