the family of Lucas, 25, files a complaint after his death at Hyères hospital, while he had been waiting for 10 hours in the emergency room

2023-12-19 12:49:55

The family of Lucas, 25, filed a complaint a week ago against the Hyères hospital in Var for “involuntary manslaughter”. The young man died on September 30 following septic shock, after spending ten hours in the hospital according to France Bleu Provence.


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Hyères hospital in Var (LAURENT MARTINAT / MAXPPP)

Lucas’ family filed a complaint a week ago before the Toulon court for “manslaughter“against the Hyères hospital and against He had spent more than ten hours in the department.

Lucas’ ordeal began on the afternoon of September 30. He has vomiting, fever, and pain in his ribs and lungs. He has shortness of breath and his heart is beating extremely hard. His partner then contacted SOS Doctors, then the Samu who decided to take him to the emergency room by ambulance.

Four hours before seeing a first doctor

He had blue lips“, describes his mother, Corinne Godefroy, guest of France Bleu Provence this Tuesday morning. But when he arrived there, he was “put aside“. “He is classified as “mild, not serious case, he is put aside, he is young, he has a stomach ache“Placed on a stretcher, he will then wait four hours before seeing a first doctor. In the parking lot, his mother corresponds helplessly with her son because she cannot enter the hospital. “And the messages he sends me are more and more dramatic“, says his mother.

At 6:20 p.m. a blood test is taken. But it is not analyzed on site immediately. Lucas will have to wait two more hours before getting the results and they are alarming. Around 9:30 p.m., he had vagal discomfort. Antibiotics are prescribed at 11 p.m., but it is too late. After a cardiac massage lasting more than forty-five minutes, Lucas, in a coma, died of septic shock at 2 a.m. The young 25-year-old hydraulic technician actually suffered from a meningococcal infection lodged in his abdomen.

Lucas’ family denounces a series of negligence

His family denounces a series of negligence and therefore filed a complaint a week ago before the Toulon court for “manslaughter“against the Hyères hospital and against X. According to the family’s lawyer, Mr Romain Callen, the negligence begins”when he is admitted to the hospital, the firefighters’ report is poorly transcribed. We already forget half the things. Then we don’t take care of him. They put him in a corridor, on a stretcher, he is in pain. We don’t listen to it, we ignore it. It is in absolute indifference that he is allowed to live out his ordeal.“.

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The family also denounces a facial offense against Lucas who wears dreadlocks. A doctor whowill really examine it for a few seconds, in a hurry“, asks”on whether he didn’t smoke“narcotics. And then at midnight, two hours before his death, there is even a doctor who will put in his medical file that “the situation in the hospital is such that people are in real danger of death, that we cannot take care of them“, says the family’s lawyer to France Bleu.

The testimony of another patient

A witness who was also in the hallway witnessed the scene. He will write several registered letters to denounce the young man’s death. “A witness to misfortune who shared the corridor and the stretcher next door, who the day after the incident wrote letters to denounce what happened.“, continues the family’s lawyer. The man will send his letters to the Minister of Health, to the ARS Paca (Regional Health Agency), to the prefect of Var and to the prosecutor of Toulon.

Contacted by France Bleu Provence, the hospital management states in a press release that “within the framework of the complaint filed, we will fully collaborate in the investigation carried out by the competent authority“. However, “due to medical confidentiality, the management of the establishment is not authorized to disclose details of the patient’s file“.

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