Thierry Henry, coach of the French U23 team: “We will be careful”

Henry would like to see his U23 team progress and win by increasing the number of tactical tests. But the period is complicated by numerous absences and there is no question of him creating relational problems with the clubs, while he will need their authorization to constitute his list of 18 for the Paris Olympic … Read more

Yaël Arad and Catherine Fleury-Vachon: A Historic Olympic Judo Final in 1992 Barcelona Games

2023-12-20 23:05:00 She still calls him “Fleury”. Yaël Arad remembers as if it were yesterday this moment on the tatamis which will forever link her to France. The Israeli judoka (56 years old) found herself face to face, in the final of the 1992 Barcelona Games, with Catherine Fleury-Vachon (- 61 kg). Arad had lost … Read more

Will Still Addresses Rumors of Departure to Sunderland and Ambitious Career Goals

2023-12-14 14:31:51 He arrived at the press conference all smiles and very relaxed. Knowing that he was going to be questioned insistently about his possible premature departure to Sunderland (English D2), which has made a lot of noise in recent days, Will Still (31), coach of Reims under contract until June 2025, answered questions with … Read more

The Unconventional Journey of Victor Dubuisson: From European Tour Success to Controversial Decisions

2023-12-05 15:08:21 He sat down to the table without restraint in a small cozy lounge of the clubhouse lulled by the sun, well aware that his decision could be surprising. Criticized for his recurring abandonments during his last seasons, Victor Dubuisson did not shy away from telling his story and confiding in his 13 years … Read more

OL Supporter Mike: A Lifelong Fan Living in Paris – His Journey, Stories, and Adventures

2023-10-31 22:41:53 Mike is 24 years old, he lives in the Paris region and he has been a lifelong OL supporter. “It started with me when I was little, in the early 2000s because my father was already a fan, he watched everything, even OLTV,” he explains. My mother was an absolute fan of Juninho, … Read more

Thierry Henry’s Exclusive Interview: A Refreshing Take on Football with the Bleuets

2023-10-09 22:06:35 For his first interview with the written press since his arrival at the head of the Bleuets, Thierry Henry chose the start of this October gathering, in Clairefontaine, and he sent the message that he would talk about football, after several conferences press to answer the same questions that had ended up boring … Read more

Insights from Didier Deschamps: The Changing Landscape in French Football

2023-08-23 22:20:33 In recent months, the world has changed around Didier Deschamps: a new president of the FFF (Philippe Diallo), a new Espoirs coach (Thierry Henry), a new women’s coach (Hervé Renard). What does not change is the back-to-school interview with Guy Stéphan, at the dawn of his twelfth season as coach, which he will … Read more