France’s Qualification for Euro 2024: A Hard-Fought Victory Against the Netherlands

2023-10-13 22:13:22 If they had been a little more surprised by their victory and by themselves, the Blues would perhaps have jumped like children to celebrate their qualification for Euro 2024. But they didn’t even all raise their arms, out of fatigue, a little, out of habit, a lot, after a long controlled and ultimately … Read more

Unveiling the Mythology: Netherlands vs France in Euro 2024 Qualifiers

2023-10-12 23:27:45 We know well that confidence is a trap and tranquility an illusion, and that French teams which were almost qualified were completely eliminated. But we find it difficult to worry completely, at the dawn of the most beautiful poster of the Blues qualifying group for Euro 2024, this Netherlands – France which summons … Read more

Fabio Grosso’s Journey at OL Bench: Challenges, Support, and Hopes for Quality Players

2023-10-06 13:24:34 Fabio Grosso lost his first two matches on the OL bench, in Brest (0-1) and Reims (0-2). After the match in Reims, its president John Textor supported him quite vigorously, in a press release: “Some players respond well to work, while others clearly do not. Unfortunately, when Fabio tests certain players in this … Read more

OL’s Sporting Crisis: Lyon Executives Struggle as Corentin Tolisso Reflects on Club’s Struggles

2023-10-01 16:02:28 On the ground, Lyon executives are having difficulty. Outside, at least, they are not hiding: Anthony Lopes appeared very quickly in the mixed zone after OL’s new defeat in Reims (0-2) – the 5th in 7 days of L1 -, and Corentin Tolisso, despite his replacement by Lepenant (53rd), returned to confide in … Read more

Redefining Success: The Rise of Lesser-Known European Football Clubs – Insights on Lyon’s Coaching Challenges

2023-09-11 21:21:33 The big European names are not everything. The last time OL came close to being French champions, still leading in the spring, was with Hubert Fournier, in 2015. But for some time now, the Lyon club has been trying to combat the erosion of its team with the name his trainer, and his … Read more

Crisis Denial and Controversy: Santiago Gucci Addresses OL’s Defeat Against Paris

2023-09-03 22:11:58 Santiago Gucci denied the crisis that OL were going through after the defeat against Paris (1-4): “I don’t think there is a sporting crisis” and was quite embarrassed at the corners when mention the case of Laurent Blanc, or not to mention it: “That is not the subject. I’m not going to answer … Read more

Insights from Didier Deschamps: The Changing Landscape in French Football

2023-08-23 22:20:33 In recent months, the world has changed around Didier Deschamps: a new president of the FFF (Philippe Diallo), a new Espoirs coach (Thierry Henry), a new women’s coach (Hervé Renard). What does not change is the back-to-school interview with Guy Stéphan, at the dawn of his twelfth season as coach, which he will … Read more

Success and Ambitions: World Cup Final, Qualifying for Euro 2024, and More!

2023-06-19 22:04:19 Ending 2022 with a World Cup final and starting 2023 with a four out of four in qualifying for Euro 2024 remains a nice way to maintain your standards, maintain your ambitions and set a date. These Blues do not succeed in everything, but they compensated for an imperfect game with a good … Read more