Cricketer Axar Patel got married, bride Meha

Vadodara: Indian cricketer Axar Patel got married. The wedding ceremony was held in Vadodara, Gujarat. The bride is nutritionist and dietician Meha Patel. Only relatives and close friends attended the ceremony. After a long love affair, the two got engaged last January. Prior to his marriage, the star had not played in the ODI against … Read more

Our national team receives congratulations for its victory over Qatar and its qualification for the 25th Gulf Cup Final

Baghdad – consciousToday, Monday, the Iraqi national team received congratulations on the occasion of its victory over its Qatari counterpart, with two goals to one, and its qualification for the 25th Gulf Final. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a, congratulated Al-Sudani, for the national team’s qualification … Read more

little Layla was born on January 9!

The announcement of Laura’s pregnancy delighted the Carolos who followed each step on social networks. The birth of their daughter scheduled for December, it is finally this January 9 that little Layla has decided to point the tip of her nose. Read also Last straight line for Bastien and Laura, the Carolos of Married at … Read more

Verónica Linares and Manolo del Castillo: why did they get divorced and which ampay confirmed their breakup? | América Noticias, Report to Peru | Veronica Linares children | Manuel del Castillo wife | show business

Verónica Linares lives an idyllic romance with Alfredo Rivero today and are even close to getting married. However, prior to his courtship with the father of her two childrenthe host of “América noticias” was married to Manolo del Castillo, the remembered host of “Reportage to Peru”. Next, he knows why he divorced her and what … Read more

Watch.. A video circulated of a Lebanese fortune-teller who expected Morocco to win and qualify for the semi-finals a year before the World Cup

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Lebanese fortune-teller, Lily Abdel-Latif, sparked controversy on social media, immediately after the Moroccan national team defeated its Portuguese counterpart 1-0 and qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. A video was circulated of the Lebanese fortune-teller, recorded about a year ago, in which she predicted that an Arab team … Read more

How old is Connie Chaparro and what is the age difference between Sergio Galliani and his wife | Age | Children | Instagram | shows

Constanza Chaparro Dulantoknown in the art world as Connie Chaparro, is an actress that the Peruvian public remembers for her role as Jimena Sánchez in the series “Así es la vida”. In addition, she has years of experience as an announcer on a well-known music radio. At the time, the programMagaly TeVe” pulled pictures of … Read more