Orbit Culture – The Forgotten

2023-12-04 08:00:34 (c) Oscar Dziedziela What do you do when you release one of the best metal albums of the year? That’s right, you add some new material on top. With “Descent” was Orbit Culture Finally achieved their breakthrough on record in late summer. Two tracks remain – characterized by a similar mood, but drifted … Read more

Terromania – Nyctophobic

2023-11-13 08:00:56 (c) Diltteri & Iitu Purhonen With a rather unusual sound that you rarely hear even at the new home Ripple Music Terromania around the corner. The quintet from Finland, which was only founded in 2018, mixes power metal with prog and melodic death, citing bands as diverse as Ghost, Devin Townsend and Lordi … Read more

Hyperia – The Serpent’s Cycle – Album Review

2023-11-15 07:00:59 Hyperia – The Serpent’s CycleOrigin: You haveRelease: 17.11.2023Label: Self-distributionDuration: 49:41Genre: Thrash Metal Photo Credit: Caitlin Delaplace When you’re a woman in the harder metal genre, you’re often quick to make comparisons to the big names in the scene Arch Enemy or Jinjer. Why? Hyperia With their third work, they show that they have … Read more

Beautiful Immortal – Mind Control

2023-10-10 07:00:41 (c) Juha Rimpeläinen There must be something in the water in the far north. The output of melodic-melancholic Death Doom in Finnish continues to increase and produces more and more gems. In addition to the experienced Kuolemanlaakso, Kaunis Kuolematon have also been able to acquire an audience in recent years that is thirsty … Read more

Black December – Your Sunset

2023-10-11 07:00:18 (c) Black December Doom, Gloom and so much more have always accompanied the work of Black December. The quintet from Thuringia has skillfully refined its mix of death metal and doom over the last few years, accompanied by correspondingly stirring, emotional lyrics. And they are taking center stage more than ever for the … Read more

Orbit Culture – Descent

2023-08-18 07:00:15 (c) Orbit Culture Joint tours with In Flames and Trivium as well as acclaimed gigs on the biggest festival stages in the metal world speak a clear language: Orbit Culture are on the go. Three years ago, “Nija” welcomed the modern, wild, unpredictable, yet anthemic album-length mix somewhere between thrash, death, melodic, prog … Read more