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Hyperia – The Serpent’s Cycle
You have
Thrash Metal

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When you’re a woman in the harder metal genre, you’re often quick to make comparisons to the big names in the scene Arch Enemy or Jinjer. Why? Hyperia With their third work, they show that they have what it takes to be mentioned in such circles in the near future The Serpents Cycle more than clear.

Because after me last year with their second disc Silhouettes Of Horror Already convincing throughout, they are now releasing their new album in a timely manner. It should be clear that you can expect a wild mix of Thrash and Death Metal here again. The band makes no secret of it: the opener Ego Trip is built on a massive, massive riff, with Marlee Ryley’s brilliant vocals being the cherry on the cake.

Across all genres

The qualities of that singer are consistently convincing: Ryley Can not only growl, but also alternate between screams and clean, melodic singing, like Automatic Thrash Machinethat you HERE you can hear, proves impressively. The video is intended to show everyone what one can imagine the band performing live: a huge party! Binge & Surge works on exactly the same principle.

In general, one massive song follows the next. According to the band, the album contains the fastest, most complicated and most brutal songs they have ever written. Spirit Bandit is the highlight here, because the tempo and growling are maximized here! Top solos always decorate the second halves of the songs. Also the crashing drums Heathen-Drummers Ryan Idris always support this effect.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

That Hyperia is not afraid to break genre boundaries, as they demonstrate with the 1980s heavy metal song Trapped In Time and last but not least with a cover version of the cult song Crazy On You von Heart. After me already her ABBA-Cover on the last song convinced, this cover does too, because Ryley gives the song a whole new feeling with her very high screams.

Lyrically, their new work is not a concept piece like its predecessors, but rather wildly mixed, from psychoses to songs about Hindu gods, it really has everything. The cover is once again very well done and, in keeping with the title, is adorned with an ouroboros – the mystical symbol of the eternal circle of life and death, over which the eye of the serpent watches.

are on The Serpent’s Cycle much more aggressive than their last works and this time they are not guided by any concept, but just play with it. This makes the band seem even more authentic and grown musically, not least thanks to Marlee Ryley’s amazing voice. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Marlee Ryley – Gesang
Colin Ryley – Gitarre
Jon Power – Bass
Ryan Idris – drums

01. Ego Trip
02. Automatic Thrash Machine
03. Prophet of Deceit
04. Psychosomatic
05. The Serpent’s Cycle
06. Trapped in Time
07. Spirit Bandit
08. Eye for an Eye
09. Binge & Surge
10. Deathbringer
11. Crazy On You (Heart Cover)

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