Alberto Otárola and his cabinet appear before Congress

Left-wing benches requested the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the Board of Directors of Congress to call new elections immediately. In addition, he criticized the fact that the head of the ministerial cabinet, Alberto Otárola, has insisted on asking for a vote of confidence hours after 17 people were killed in Juliaca in the … Read more

Pedro Castillo insists on demagoguery and there is no way out of the crisis | Pedro Barreto | Max Silva | National Agreement | Congress | Hannibal Torres | Government Palace | peter castle

President Pedro Castillo improvised yesterday with a public invitation to Cardinal Pedro Barreto for a meeting at the Palace, after the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP) published a statement where they propose to give way to a “political transition that urgently seeks a way out of the deep crisis.” On the subject, the president declared to … Read more

Aníbal Torres appears before Congress to explain phrases that incite “violent actions”

“If each one with that energy that they have, with that capacity that they have, with that will to defend their interests, their children and their children’s children, that they would bring Lima 50 people each. Then they would bring the putschists to their knees, they would force us to have a Constitution that benefits … Read more

Pedro Castillo makes changes in six ministries and ratifies Aníbal Torres | Three new income | Hannibal Torres | Betssy Chavez | Geiner Alvarado Kurt Burneo | Alejandro Salas | POLITICS

While waiting for the swearing-in of the new head of the Cabinet, the President of the Republic, peter castleannounced Friday night that he did not accept the resignation of Hannibal Torres to the presidency of the Council of Ministers. Later, he made changes to only six portfolios. MIRA: The budget in Anguía grew almost 200% … Read more

Ministerial Cabinet LIVE: who would be the new head of the PCM? | latest news | Hannibal Torres | TODAY | Alejandro Salas | Felix Chero | Dimitri Senmache | premiere | Willy Huerta | Jose Luis Gavidia | Betssy Chavez | Prosecutor’s Office | Peter Castle | Friday, August 5 | Public Ministry | News | | Government

President Pedro Castillo had announced that he will swear in the new ministerial cabinet this Friday, August 5after Prime Minister Anibal Torres make his position available. However, the president communicated through his Twitter account that did not accept the resignation of the former head of Justicewhich is why the situation in the different portfolios remains … Read more

Ecuador: President Guillermo Lasso asks for the resignation of his entire cabinet on his first year in office

the president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lassorequested this Thursday the resignation of his cabinet when he is close to completing his first year in office, which has been marked by a bloody prison crisis. The ruler intends to renew his team and in principle will appoint new heads in the portfolios of Energy and Mines, Agriculture … Read more