What did the love message that Janick Maceta dedicated to Andrés Wiese say for his birthday? Instagram Miss Peru Ricolas farándula | SHOWS

This last Friday, December 16, Andres Weiss, the actor remembered for his role in ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’, celebrated his 39 years. Because of that, Janick Maceta I dedicate a tender message of love. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED | Xoana González reveals that she married with separate property: “I love him madly, but no” Through … Read more

Miss Universe 2022: Fernanda Pavisic considers her dismissal as Miss Bolivia “unfair”

Miss Bolivia, Fernanda Pavisicdescribed as “absolutely unfair“the decision to remove her from her crown, after a controversial video that went viral on social networks in which the then representative spoke with another person about the other candidates for the Miss Universe 2022 in a mocking tone. “The decision to withdraw the crown of Miss Bolivia … Read more

Miss Bolivia calls her teammates “doñas” and says that Alessia Rovegno seems “transsexual” | Celebrities | shows | show business | Miss Universe | SHOWS

Beauty is not everything. A wave of criticism has been received by the current Miss Bolivia, María Fernanda Pavisic, after she shared a video in which she mocks other misses with whom she will compete in the Miss Universe 2022. One of the more insane comments of his directed him to Alessia Rovegno, representative of … Read more

Alessia Rovegno on Instagram stands out in an interview on Telemundo and Jacqueline Bracamontes gives her golden advice, Miss Peru, Miss Universe, video

The Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno was on the show “Today” and faced several questions from the drivers Jacqueline Bracamontes and Adamari Lopezconductors in the chain Telemundo. It should be noted that the Peruvian representative was very well received by her, so they did not hesitate to advise her for a better performance in the miss … Read more

Miss Peru 2022 | Miss Peru: who are Tatiana Calmell and Valeria Flórez? the finalists of the contest that did not reach the crown | Miss Universe | beauty pageant | Tatiana Calmell | Valeria Florez | end | VIU

After hard weeks of preparation, the participants of the Miss Peru 2022 They finished their experience. This Tuesday, during the program “Esto es Guerra” broadcast by América Televisión, Jessica Newton together with Miss Peru 2020 Janick Maceta and an international jury, crowned Alessia Rovegno Cayo as the national representative who will go to Miss Universe … Read more

Miss Peru 2022 | Meet Alessia Rovegno, the Miss Peru 2022 who will represent us at Miss Universe | Alessia Rovegno | Miss Peru | Model | Barbara Cayo | New York | USA | | VIU

On an exciting night Alessia Rovegno raised the crown and became the Miss Peru 2022. The Peruvian model, who has developed most of her career in New York, will be the Peruvian representative in the international Miss Universe pageant, in which she will face more than 80 women of different nationalities to win the crown. … Read more

Valeria Flórez gives a forceful answer to Johanna after a question about her work: “You have to respect” | SHOWS

Valeria Florez She was one of the most commented candidates on social networks after her participation in the Miss Peru 2022 of This is War. The Willax TV host gave a forceful response to Johanna San Miguel after a question about her work. More information: Who is Valeria Flórez? Meet the former America Kids who … Read more

Miss Peru Universe 2022: Jessica Newton confirmed Alessia Rovegno as the 10th candidate of the Miss Peru pageant Instagram Farándula RMMN | LIGHTS

Despite the fact that only a few days ago he emphatically denied it after Rodrigo González, ‘Peluchín’, assured him in “Amor y Fuego”, Jessica Newton confirmed this Friday that Alessia Rovegno She is the 10th candidate for Miss Peru Universe 2022. It was through a video that he shared in the Stories of his recently … Read more