Condemnation of China’s Military Threats at UN General Assembly: The President of Czech Republic Stands Up and Calls for United Nations Support

2023-09-20 05:42:31 Czech president stands up to condemn China’s military threats during UN General Assembly debate free timesThe President of our friendly country Paraguay: Supports Taiwan’s joining the United Nations Yahoo newsThe “three friendly countries” of the United Nations General Assembly speak out for Taiwan! The Czech Republic condemns the CCP’s intimidation. Not only the … Read more

Palau Urges US for Increased Patrols as Chinese Vessels Enter Exclusive Economic Zone

2023-06-15 08:28:16 Mainland ships entered the exclusive economic zone, and Palau invited the US military to station there. The mainland said it was exercising freedom of navigation in accordance with the law. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Mainland) Palau, Taiwan’s diplomatic ally and the Pacific island nation, has asked the United States to step … Read more

Xi Wudu, Vice President and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Palau, led a delegation to Taiwan in the evening- Politics- Liberty Times Newsletter

J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Vice President and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Palau, led a delegation to Taiwan in the evening (27th), which was also Xi’s first visit to Taiwan after taking office, and was greeted at the airport by Changci Yu Daza (right) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . (Photo by … Read more

Vale ordered to evacuate workers from risk area of ​​Palau Apebas mine in Brazil – Xinhua

Summary [Vale was asked to evacuate workers from the risk area of ​​the Palau Apebas mine in Brazil]The Brazilian labor prosecutor’s statement shows that the Brazilian labor court ordered Vale to withdraw from the Pera Jusante in the city of Palau apebas in the state of Para 359 workers were evacuated from the risk area … Read more

An exhibition at the Palau Solterra sums up the 50-year career of photographer Jean Marie del Moral

The Vila Casas Foundation ‘Life vest under your seat’, a collection of pictures from Jean Marie del Moral which summarize the 50 years of the artist’s career at the Palau Solterra in Torroella de Montgrí. The curator of the exhibition, Pere Antoni Pons, stressed that the exhibition is designed for any visitor who does not … Read more