Space garbage that will ‘thump’ on the moon…”Chinese Changjeong-3C, not SpaceX”

It was reported that the wreckage of a rocket likely to collide with the moon on the 4th of next month was launched by China, contrary to what was previously known. SpaceX, which was initially known as the wreckage of the Falcon 9 rocket and was criticized as ‘space garbage’, has yet to respond. According … Read more

Disposable cup deposit of 300 won, effective on June 10… For major cafes and fast food restaurants

From June 10 of this year, the disposable cup deposit system will be implemented for major coffee shops and fast food restaurants across the country to include a resource circulation deposit of 300 won per disposable cup in the product price. The Ministry of Environment announced that it would give advance notice of legislation for … Read more

A study links Covid-19 to complications during pregnancy

S.M.. Madrid Updated:13/01/2022 17: 00h Keep Related news Covid-19 can also complicate a pregnancy. According to the results, they show that the results of a study that has been published in «Nature Medicine». the most frequent complications were premature births, stillbirths, and newborn deaths, which are more common among women who have the virus 28 … Read more

Corona 19 fatal to the elderly… Proven by IBS Korea Institute of Virology

A Korean research team has proven through experiments that the COVID-19 virus is particularly lethal to the elderly over the age of 65. Previously, it could be read as statistics, but it was only a hypothesis and there was no proof. It is expected to contribute to the development of severe treatment for the elderly. … Read more

Ubisoft Launches Rainbow Six Extraction ‘Korea Edition’ Special

Ubisoft Entertainment has released the Korea Edition of ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’, a new cooperative tactical FPS. Rainbow Six Extraction Korea Edition is a limited edition package prepared by Ubisoft Korea for Korean fans. It consists of a Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition code (PC version), a Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition code (PC version), and … Read more