THG invests 5 billion baht in 3 years for Thai-foreign health care boom

” Launching a strategy of “Thonburi Healthcare Group” for 3 years, investing another 5,000 million, expanding more investment, moving forward with Digital Health Tech, revealing that it is in the process of negotiating M&A at 2-3 locations both in Thailand and abroad. Another 1,500-2,000 million investments, while the 2012 performance made more than 11.5 billion … Read more

Hiring the SSO. Supervise a private hospital to hire for a blood test for “HIV” before entering work. Repeatedly resulted in the HR department. abuse of rights

The network of people infected with HIV slams Sor Sor Sor Sor Sor, neglecting to regulate private hospitals, allowing them to be hired for HIV blood testing before entering work. Repeatedly submitting results to the HR department establishment Outcry about rights violations, whether the result is positive or negative, invites the people to sign a … Read more

Addicted to COVID, how to treat it? Open guidelines for treating COVID patients with obstructive pulmonary disease-heart disease-diabetes.

Addicted to COVID, what to do? steps to cure covid Covid quarantine for 5 days at least Ready to adjust the treatment guidelines for 3 groups of patients with obstructive pulmonary disease – heart disease – diabetes. Easier access to antidote Immunomodulatory additives (LAAB) as a treatment option If you are addicted to COVID, how … Read more