New Tax on Motorway Concessions and Airports in 2024: Impact and Reactions

2023-09-27 13:21:19 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 3 hours ago, Updated 8 minutes ago ” data-script=” > If the motorway concessionaire indicated that “an increase in taxes is inevitably an increase” in tolls, the ADP group expects to pass on part of the tax to the airlines. The measure had been on the table … Read more

Unprecedented Inflation in Supermarkets: The Rising Costs Impacting Consumers

2023-09-24 18:20:44 This surge in costs did not have immediate consequences in supermarkets, food stores, bakeries or restaurants. drazen_zigic/Drazen – DECRYPTION – For two years, a phenomenon unprecedented in forty years has occurred: inflation in supermarkets which exceeds 20%. Shrinkflation, label waltz, crisis profiteers…For two years, the French have been dealing with a daily … Read more

significant delays this Sunday due to a power supply fault

2023-09-24 16:58:25 By PLB Published 4 hours ago, Update 52 minutes ago SNCF announced that repairs were underway. Francois BOUCHON / Le Figaro Train traffic was interrupted this Sunday on the Atlantic axis, causing significant delays at departure and arrival from Montparnasse station. Yet another hassle for Tanguy, whose train had already been more than … Read more

Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky sells his shares in Le Monde to Xavier Niel

2023-09-23 16:05:37 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 3 hours ago, Update 3 hours ago The Czech billionaire is known for having invested, among others, in several major French media. JOEL SAGET / AFP Already a media owner and largest shareholder of Fnac-Darty, the businessman announced he was selling his shares to the French billionaire, … Read more

Russia Halts Diesel and Gasoline Exports, Fueling Concerns of Supply Shortages

2023-09-21 20:46:15 Russia on Thursday halted exports of diesel and gasoline to all destinations except four former Soviet republics. Diesel prices jumped on Thursday after Russia announced the suspension of its exports, adding to the tensions already observed in this market where supply is a concern due to a lack of available capacity elsewhere. The … Read more

after mass distribution, TotalEnergies in turn refuses to sell at a loss

2023-09-20 06:01:01 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 2 hours ago, Update 30 minutes ago ” data-script=” > “I will not go lower (than 1.99 euros per liter). It’s already a significant effort,” Patrick Pouyanné declared Tuesday evening. It’s no. The CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanné refuses to sell his fuels at a loss and … Read more