Understanding Split Payments and Consumer Credit: Important Information and Rules for 2026

2023-12-20 06:25:00 Since the explosion of inflation in 2022, split payment is booming. A name that may seem barbaric, but which has a very concrete reality in your favorite supermarket. Are you a fan when you opt for payment in three, four or six installments with your bank card? Well that’s what it’s all about. … Read more

The Average Cost of a TGV Ticket: Debunking Myths and Exploring Disparities in Pricing

2023-12-17 10:26:05 The CEO of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, cited a figure which surprised more than one. According to him, a TGV ticket costs on average less than 45 euros. This is what he opposes to all those who find the high-speed train too expensive. The TF1info Auditors looked into where this surprising price came … Read more

Running out of ideas for your gifts? Here’s how to settle everything in one hour at Fnac

2023-12-16 11:02:36 Every year it’s the same. Here you are, shopping for Christmas gifts for your sister’s noisy children, your rebellious nephew, uncles, aunts, your grandfather, that sister-in-law you can’t ignore… and you don’t you don’t have the slightest idea. You then wander around the stores for hours without finding anything, ending up at… Fnac. … Read more

Pink Donut Fever: Krispy Kreme Unveils First Concept Store in Paris

2023-12-12 06:45:00 “The star here is the product”: Alexandre Maizoué, Krispy Kreme general manager in France, was very proud to unveil, last week, the first concept store for Homer Simpson’s favorite donut brand (pink!), just installed in the Les Halles shopping center, in Paris. “We hope for 3,000 checkouts per day” The 550 m² premises, … Read more

Colmar Gift Vouchers: Supporting Local Businesses for Fifteen Years

2023-12-03 10:05:00 Gift vouchers have been used for fifteen years in more than 200 independent Colmar businesses. “For several years, we have been losing customers, particularly businesses.” Céline Kern-Borni knows the reason. “Companies want local shops, but also national brands. There are some in Colmar, but in its metropolitan area… 1701598792 #Economy #Vitrines #Colmar #gift … Read more

Will inflation put a damper on the credit card? Our readers testify

2023-11-23 09:12:36 A month before Christmas, it is now a tradition: here is Black Friday which returns this Friday. The opportunity for the French to save money, knowing that certain brands offer slashed prices all week. But this year, we also have to take into account inflation. It certainly shows signs of calm, with a … Read more

The meal ticket, a new marker of food inflation

2023-11-15 13:40:58 After announcing the end of the use of meal vouchers for food products in supermarkets at the end of 2023, the government backpedaled under pressure from parliamentarians who saw it as a bad signal in the midst of inflation. The French should therefore be able to continue using them to do their shopping … Read more