Putin makes huge war mistake! Experts stunned by Russian plan | politics

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is about to make a huge war mistake. That’s what top experts say about the latest plans of the Russian army. BECAUSE: Russia wants to launch a major offensive in the spring. The Russians could even try to storm the capital Kyiv again. In order to forestall Western tank supplies to … Read more

Maneuvers against Russia: USA send military planes to Germany politics

Now everything is happening very quickly: Ukrainian soldiers will start training on the Leopard 2 in February, and the main battle tank from Germany should be in use at the end of March and will push back the Russian attackers. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) hesitated for a long time to deliver the most dangerous … Read more

Annalena Baerbock: Africa Union is angry at the Federal Foreign Office after the Leopard joke politics

These safari jokes didn’t go down well with everyone. With a tweet, the Federal Foreign Office under Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (42, Greens) caused diplomatic upsets in Africa. On the occasion of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (72) in Africa, the English-language account of Baerbock’s Foreign Ministry tweeted on Tuesday: “Russian … Read more

Can Ukraine Defeat Russia With Leopard Main Battle Tanks? | politics

It’s finally official: we’re delivering Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine! “Germany will always be at the forefront when it comes to supporting Ukraine,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) in the Bundestag. Nevertheless, this does not turn the Federal Republic into a party to the war: “Under no circumstances will we send ground troops.” Scholz … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize winner on arms deliveries: “Every hesitation brings death every day” | politics

Even a Nobel Peace Prize winner demands battle tanks for Ukraine! In December, Ukraine’s Civil Liberties Center, which collects evidence of Russian war crimes, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The chair of the organization, the Ukrainian human rights lawyer Oleksandra Matwijtschuk (39), is now putting pressure on the federal government to quickly deliver battle … Read more

Report from inside the Kremlin: How Putin is being manipulated by his own people | politics

“Mr. Putin wakes up around 7 a.m. every day and receives a briefing on the war.” But what Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (70) gets to read from his own advisors has little to do with reality. That reveals a report from inside the Kremlin! It becomes clear: the dictator is being manipulated by his own … Read more