Ukraine’s President Zelenskyj vs. Kiev Mayor Klitschko: The Political Battle Unfolding Amidst Russian Aggression

2023-12-05 21:52:29 It’s an old argument that has broken out again NOW! Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Selenskyj (45) against Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko (52). Two heroes who were present almost every day in the news around the world, especially at the beginning of the Russian war of aggression. Two politicians who are in direct competition with … Read more

The Controversial Role of Elon Musk in the Ukraine War: Explosive Details Revealed in Biography

2023-09-08 01:52:22 Elon Musk, the warlord? Now the role of the eccentric tech billionaire in the Ukraine war is being examined more closely: bestselling author Walter Isaacson (71) delivers in the biography “Elon Musk” explosive details about the role of the multi-entrepreneur, who is admired by many but has recently become more and more controversial, … Read more

Russia’s Brutal War: The Heartbreaking Story of Ukrainian Children Caught in the Crossfire

2023-09-01 20:00:55 These images are emblematic of the terror that Russia inflicts on millions of Ukrainian children every day. The first of September is traditionally school enrollment day in Ukraine. The same goes for little Alex, who has been looking forward to this day like a snow king for weeks. Buy school books, try out … Read more

Unraveling Ukraine’s Strategic Victories: Insider Insights on NATO Collaboration

2023-08-27 20:24:59 Breakthrough at the front! On Friday, Ukraine apparently overcame the first and thus most difficult Russian line of defense. Is this due to a new strategy? BECAUSE: There was a secret meeting between Ukrainian and NATO generals! It was about: new strategies for war! Read all about Ukraine’s sudden victories and what NATO … Read more

Unveiling Ukraine’s Ongoing War: Expert Analysis on Progress, Putin’s Influence, and the Future Winner

2023-08-14 14:09:18 It is a fascinating, highly explosive analysis. The Ukrainian counter-offensive is making little progress, and Russia’s troops are holding their ground. Now a top historian explains why expectations of Ukraine were too high and how fatally underestimated Putin was. BUT: What does that mean for the progress of the war? The renowned expert … Read more

Challenges and Limitations: Ukraine’s Counteroffensive against Russian Invaders and Struggles with Weapon Supply

2023-08-12 11:44:28 It has been ten weeks this weekend since the Ukrainian army launched its long-awaited counter-offensive in the south and east of the country. But with the liberation of only ten small villages in the Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions from the hands of the Russian invaders, the Ukrainian army has not only fallen short … Read more

The Insider Reveals Shocking Details: Yevgeny Prigozchin’s Twisted Sex Life and Failed Coup

2023-07-25 19:09:26 Coup? Failed! Exile in Belarus with its fighters: not particularly impressive so far either. “Wagner” mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozchin (62) has yet to come to terms with his new role as an insurgent in exile. For the time being, he will no longer lead a life as an entrepreneur worth millions in Saint … Read more

Taiwan’s Hawk Missile Aid to Ukraine: Boosting International Military Support Against Russian Aggression

2023-07-15 11:07:16 Bang on international military support to Ukraine against Russia’s aggression. Little Taiwan is delivering military aid to Ukraine for the first time – and not too little! ︎ Ukraine is to receive several hundred “Hawk” (German: “Falcon”) anti-aircraft missiles in the next few weeks. US missiles that have defended Taiwan’s home island of … Read more