The Insider Reveals Shocking Details: Yevgeny Prigozchin’s Twisted Sex Life and Failed Coup

2023-07-25 19:09:26

Coup? Failed! Exile in Belarus with its fighters: not particularly impressive so far either.

“Wagner” mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozchin (62) has yet to come to terms with his new role as an insurgent in exile. For the time being, he will no longer lead a life as an entrepreneur worth millions in Saint Petersburg.

But this life had it all! A new research by the independent Russian online newspaper “ The Insider‘ paints an eccentric picture of Prigozhin’s sex life.

According to the report, before his failed coup attempt against Moscow, the brutal mercenary boss apparently maintained a rotating harem of very young girls (“just over 18”) in rented rooms at the Solo Sokos Hotel in St. Petersburg.

The Insider spoke to one of his victims, a Russian woman named “Masha”* who sold her virginity to Prigozhin when she was eighteen and who now regrets the decision.

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► She explains: The mercenary boss prefers his loves younger, but he also has a repellent “obsession for exchanging bodily fluids with virgins”.

He also believes that having sex with firstborn daughters “prolongs one’s youth,” Masha said.

“He was having sex without a condom,” the sex workers’ union rep told The Insider, because “he believed that was how he was exchanging energy and fluids. It’s like he’s getting a boost of vitality from them.”

Spicy detail: Prigozhin had metal balls implanted in the foreskin of his penis. Something he apparently believes will enhance his own sexual prowess and the pleasure of his partners.

In fact, according to the Sex-Union source, women found the bullets painful during intercourse.

Password: “women’s sport”

In an interview with Insider, Masha describes how she met Prigozhin. “I was 18 years old, lived in St. Petersburg, was severely depressed and had to go to the hospital. At that time I met another girl my age who had been kicked out from home. She asked me if I wanted to sell my virginity for 40,000 rubles (about 400 euros). I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it’, even though I didn’t need the money that badly myself.”

► She was introduced to Prigozhin’s pimp, a woman in her 30s with long dark hair, according to Insider’s report. “She said I should go to the clinic to have my virginity checked. I was sent to the Sogaz Clinic.”

“At the reception you had to say a password: ‘women’s sports,'” Masha said, indicating that they wanted to have his hymen examined for Prigozhin.

After Masha’s virginity was confirmed, she was sent to the Solo Sokos Hotel. “It seems that there were always rooms reserved for him and the girls and that there were always people supervising them,” Masha told Insider.

Apparently the mercenary boss maintained a real sex network.

They told her that the man she was going to meet was Prigozhin. “In complete shock, I went to my hotel room and waited for him.”

Then everything happened “very quickly”. “He has a very small penis that had some sort of bullets embedded under the skin. He just put the money in a heap on a chair.” When Prigozhin said goodbye to Masha, he told her to “be nicer” since she had a sullen expression, reports

Masha was one of countless women Prigozhin visited at Solo Sokos, where his subordinates kept a supply of women, according to Insider.

The virgins, Masha learned, he called “shampoo” after the disposable bottles you find in hotel bathrooms. “You open them and then throw them away.”

* To protect her identity, The Insider has agreed to refer to her only as “Masha”; her statement was corroborated by a representative of a sex workers’ union in Russia.

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