Taiwan’s Hawk Missile Aid to Ukraine: Boosting International Military Support Against Russian Aggression

2023-07-15 11:07:16

Bang on international military support to Ukraine against Russia’s aggression.

Little Taiwan is delivering military aid to Ukraine for the first time – and not too little!

︎ Ukraine is to receive several hundred “Hawk” (German: “Falcon”) anti-aircraft missiles in the next few weeks. US missiles that have defended Taiwan’s home island of Formosa for 63 years against powerful communist enemy China were decommissioned on June 29, 2023.

The Taiwan Newspaper „China Times“ speaks of “alternative military aid” with reference to senior government officials, but headlines unequivocally: “We have decommissioned hundreds of Hawk missiles to defend Ukrainian airspace”.

Because: Officially, Taiwan does not deliver the missiles to Ukraine. Instead, they were “bought back” by the US to be shipped around the world to Ukraine.

Already on June 9, the US Department of Defense announced its intention to deliver the “Hawk air defense system and missiles” to Ukraine. Total cost of the package: 1.9 billion euros. Until now, however, it was unclear where the system’s rockets would come from.

▶︎ Now it’s clear: They come from Taiwan!

The indirect arms deal is explosive, since Taiwan is at enmity with Russia’s most important political ally, China, and has so far used the missiles to deter its dictatorial big neighbor.

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Source: PICTURE 07/15/2023

Now new rockets are to replace the old Hawk systems, but the old projectiles will probably be used much earlier.

Although the Hawk is more than 60 years old on paper, it remains a dangerous weapon when it comes to fighting Russian planes and helicopters. The China Times reported that 90.4 percent of the 324 rockets fired live at drills around Taiwan hit their targets. Other experts assume a hit rate of about 85 percent.

In addition, the USA is supplying Ukraine with the “Phase III MIM-23 Hawk”, a version of the missile that was updated in 1989 and is still used today (!) in Greece, Egypt and Israel.

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The Hawk system, with which you can shoot 20 kilometers high and 40 kilometers away, is relatively harmless for modern fighter jets and drones.

However, the Hawk poses a significant threat, especially for the Mi-8 or Su-25 multi-purpose helicopters and combat aircraft used by Russia. Because the missile system was programmed to fight precisely these aircraft in the late 1980s.

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