Ukraine’s President Zelenskyj vs. Kiev Mayor Klitschko: The Political Battle Unfolding Amidst Russian Aggression

2023-12-05 21:52:29

It’s an old argument that has broken out again NOW!

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Selenskyj (45) against Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko (52). Two heroes who were present almost every day in the news around the world, especially at the beginning of the Russian war of aggression. Two politicians who are in direct competition with each other when it comes to elections for the presidency.

But according to Klitschko, that’s NOT what it’s about when he now attacks Zelenskyj so sharply.

▶︎ “People wonder why we weren’t better prepared for this war. Why Zelenskyj denied until the end that this would happen,” Klitschko explained to the Swiss news portal 20 Minuten. He criticized the discrepancy between information and reality and emphasized the need for honesty given the serious situation in Ukraine.

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In fact, unlike Zelensky, Klitschko warned of an impending war much earlier. As early as December 2021, he repeatedly warned of an impending attack on the capital and called for further precautions. Because Klitschko publicly said that war would very likely break out, Zelensky’s team criticized him sharply at the time, even calling it “scaremongering.”

Apparently it is mainly thanks to the Ukrainian military that these precautions demanded by Klitschko and others happened, at least in part. However, the Russian army was actually able to advance far into the country during the attack. Various experts have repeatedly criticized this in the past.

Another point of criticism from Klitschko towards Zelensky is the so-called self-administration. This is about the independence of municipalities from the presidential administration. So from Zelensky.

Vitali Klitschko at the opening ceremony of the Podilsko-Voskresenskyi Bridge on December 1, 2023 in Kiev

Foto: Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

“There is a threat of authoritarianism here”

Klitschko told BILD: “This is not about political competition, but about democratic principles. Mayors are being stripped of their powers and local government is under attack. The conflict with the military leadership has become widely public. It should not be the case that all management processes are subordinated exclusively to one person and their environment. There is a threat of authoritarianism here. It is important to maintain democratic rules and principles even under conditions of war with Russia.”

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What Klitschko means by the conflict with the military leadership: Selenskyj and the commander-in-chief of the army Valeriy Saluschnyj (50) have repeatedly clashed in the past few weeks. It was about the situation at the front. While Zalushnyj spoke of a stalemate and a stalemate with Russia, Zelenskyj wanted nothing to do with it and remained steadfast in the rhetoric that Ukraine would win the war.

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Does Zelenskyj fear competition from Klitschko?

The conflict between Zelensky and Klitschko has broken out repeatedly in recent months. Selenskyj criticized Klitschko in the summer for an allegedly inadequate bunker situation in the capital and even spoke of a “knockout” for him.

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In fact, Zelensky appears to be worried about Klitschko running against him in a potential presidential election, with no polls, at least currently, suggesting that Klitschko could beat him. However, Zelensky’s popularity ratings have declined in recent months.

The dispute comes in a very sensitive situation for the country. The situation on the front is bad, aid to Ukraine is generally being questioned in the USA and money from Europe no longer seems safe. And in Ukraine, if the situation doesn’t improve, there will be ever more open discussions about WHO bears what responsibility…

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