An Egyptian celebrity reveals the details of her beating and her divorce from her husband while performing the Umrah… for a strange reason!

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A new statement from the Kingdom’s embassy in Morocco regarding the lost citizen there..and revealing the date of his arrival in Saudi Arabia

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Kingdom’s embassy in Rabat published an appendix statement regarding the Saudi citizen who is experiencing health conditions in Morocco. The embassy indicated … Read more

The Yemeni groom, “Oqba”, reveals the reason behind his being forced to leave his city, Taiz, after his wife appeared in a popular dress. • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Yemeni groom, “Uqba”, whose marriage caused a stir after his wedding in a popular dress appeared in front of men, revealed that … Read more

“Mor Yong” reveals information about the type 4 coviral vaccine that is used with Thai people.

The focus of this vaccine is that an adjuvant is used. Matrix M adjuvant is a saponin. Obtained from the bark of the molina tree, … Read more