[Editorial department/writers “bought this” this year! ]Ring-shaped device that allows you to remotely turn the pages of an e-book without any problem even if you fall asleep – PC Watch

2023-12-12 21:13:00 Remote control device that pairs with Bluetooth.Operate with your thumb This year (2023), there were no new models in the iPad series, so the number of devices purchased that included smartphones and tablets was modest compared to previous years, but for me, it was the most used of all the devices I purchased … Read more

ELECOM, 3-port USB PD compatible charger with maximum output of 100W – PC Watch

2023-12-12 11:23:57 ACDC-PD65100BK ELECOM Co., Ltd.will release the 3-port USB PD charger “ACDC-PD65100BK” that can output a total of 100W in mid-December. The expected actual selling price is expected to be around 9,980 yen. ACDC-PD65100BK is a charger equipped with two USB Type-C video inputs and ports with a maximum output of 100W, and one … Read more

[Bargain items found today]Buffalo’s NASNE and Wi-Fi 6E compatible routers are on sale on Amazon Black Friday – PC Watch

2023-11-22 04:11:43 AmazonAt the Black Friday advance sale currently being held, Buffalo’s network recorder “NASNE (NS-N100)” is being sold for 26,800 yen instead of the latest price of 29,800 yen. In addition, the Wi-Fi 6E compatible router “WSR-5400XE6/N” is priced at 15,280 yen instead of the latest price of 17,980 yen, and the Wi-Fi 5 … Read more

Razer Gaming Mouse Sale: Save Big on Naga Trinity, DeathAdder V2 Pro, and Viper 8K Hz on Amazon!

2023-10-31 00:35:02 Razer’s gaming mouse is on sale at a special price on Amazon. In the case of “Naga Trinity”, it can be purchased for 9,949 yen, a discount of 4,131 yen from the previous price. Naga Trinity is a unique wired gaming mouse with replaceable side plates. The product comes with three types of … Read more

Apple’s first 3nm process processor “M3” – PC Watch

2023-10-31 00:23:24 Appleannounced on the 30th (US time) the new “MacBook Pro” (14-inch and 16-inch) equipped with the new processor “M3”. First of all, we introduced the “M3” family of processors that will be installed. M3 is available in three SKUs: “M3”, “M3 Pro”, and “M3 Max”. These are the first products for personal use … Read more

An inexpensive Apple Pencil that can be charged via USB-C. Pen pressure detection not supported – PC Watch

2023-10-18 03:03:35 Apple Pencil(USB-C) Appleannounced on the 17th that it will release an iPad pen “Apple Pencil (USB-C)” that can be charged via USB Type-C (USB-C) in early November. The price is 12,880 yen. It is a relatively inexpensive model in the Apple Pencil series, and supports charging via USB Type-C, but does not include … Read more

“NINTENDO64” compatible machine to be released in 2024 – PC Watch

2023-10-17 01:50:58 Analogue 3D Analoguehas announced that it will release “Analogue 3D” in 2024, which will be a compatible device for the former Nintendo game console “NINTENDO64”. It is a compatible machine with the slogan “No emulation”, and compatibility is achieved by completely designing it with FPGA. It also follows the original, with four uniquely … Read more

[Great deal found today]Anker’s 3-port USB charger is 2,600 yen off. Supports 120W output – PC Watch

2023-10-15 01:49:22 It is held until todayAmazonDuring Prime Thanksgiving, Anker’s USB charger “737 Charger” will be available for purchase for 10,390 yen, with a 2,600 yen discount. 737 Charger is a USB charger with a total of 3 output ports: USB Type-C x 2 and USB Type-A. Supports USB PD output of up to 100W … Read more