Controversy between Anita Alvarado and Cathy Barriga: Alcohol Consumption in TV Programs

2023-08-09 04:03:59 After the noisy participation of Anita Alvarado and Cathy Barriga in the program “El Purgatorio”, in “Zona de Estrellas” they accused the first of having drunk too much in the previous television space. “I have a piece of information that I want Cathy (Barriga) to corroborate for me: Is it true that Anita … Read more

Controversial Statements and Scandalous Separation: Daniela Aranguiz Takes a Jab at Maite Pascal

2023-07-11 07:17:37 Written in VIP BOARD on 7/11/2023 04:13 pm Daniela Aranguiz He is without a doubt one of the characters of the Chilean show business that has the most impact at the public level due to his statements. After the scandalous separation that she lived with the former player Jorge Valdivia, the panelist for … Read more

“Mauricio Pinilla’s Controversial Love Life: Daniela Aránguiz Reveals Shocking Rumors on ‘Zona de Estrellas'”

2023-05-31 01:33:11 A shocking transcendence was revealed by Daniela Aránguiz this Tuesday afternoon in the program “Zona de Estrellas”. Clarifying that the source of it was A rumor, the former Mekano revealed that Mauricio Pinilla would have tried to return to his relationship with Gissella Gallardo and would have been rejected. According to this gossip, … Read more

Luz Valdivieso and Claudio Castellón ended the romance out of jealousy

For Rodrigo Mejias December 20, 2022 at 07:52 hrs. Actors Luz Valdivieso and Claudio Castellón would have put an end to the romance, as reported from the show business and shows program “Zone of Stars”who revealed details of the reasons that led the interpreters to separate for almost a year, reported X time Everything, product … Read more

Kel Calderón and Raquel Argandoña would have harshly rebuked and threatened Manu González

The controversy would be unleashed between the Calderón-Argandoña Clan and Manu Gonzálezsince Kel Calderón, Raquel Argandoña and Hernán Calderón, would have rebuked and threatened to sue the panelist of “Zona de estrellas”. This was stated by Sergio Rojas on Instagram Livewhere, according to TiempoXstated that the entire family would be outraged with the Zona Latina … Read more

“He was going to cry”: Raquel Argandoña declassifies the ugly attitude that Ángeles Araya would have had with Pancho Saavedra

Rachel Argandon he left his companions frozen in “star zone“. And it is that the “Quintrala” declassified the terrible attitude that it would have had Angels Araya con Pancho Saavedra when they worked together on “here we are all“. While the panelists analyzed the uncertain future of “Tu Día”, Kel Calderón’s mother assured that she … Read more

“They broke my head”: Raquel Argandoña detailed one of the aesthetic interventions that was carried out

This Tuesday, Rachel Argandon participated in a special dynamic in “Star Zone”, where all the panelists revealed the surgeries that have been performed aesthetically, and the panelist was no exception. And it is that “the Quintrala” talked about what has been done to the face, while a specialist explained some terms and what surgeries he … Read more

Pamela Díaz talks about the rumor that she ended up with Jean Philippe Cretton and that she is with Esteban Paredes

Pamela Diaz categorically denied that he has finished with Jean-Philippe Cretton and be with Stephen Walls. It all happened after Cecilia Gutiérrez, on her Instagram Live this Sunday, July 10, said that the “beast” and the CHV animator were separated and that, over the weekend, they had seen the woman with the former soccer player. … Read more