“Mauricio Pinilla’s Controversial Love Life: Daniela Aránguiz Reveals Shocking Rumors on ‘Zona de Estrellas'”

2023-05-31 01:33:11

A shocking transcendence was revealed by Daniela Aránguiz this Tuesday afternoon in the program “Zona de Estrellas”. Clarifying that the source of it was A rumor, the former Mekano revealed that Mauricio Pinilla would have tried to return to his relationship with Gissella Gallardo and would have been rejected.

According to this gossip, Aránguiz also commented that, once Gissella said no to the ex-soccer player’s proposal, he made his relationship with the Spanish Gala Caldirola publicly transparent.

“A rumor reached me, This is clearly a rumor, but they told me that Mauricio (Pinilla) tried to get back with Gissella (Gallardo)”slipped the panelist from “Zone of Stars”.

Pinigol at the center of the controversy

He then revealed that “La Gissella told him no. And the next day Mauricio made the relationship with Gala Caldirola known.

It should be remembered that, at the beginning of May, the entertainment press reported the break between the former soccer player and the television presenter, where many commented on the brief and fleeting nature of this relationship, as well as the controversy when it was released.

The Spanish model had recently separated from soccer player Mauricio “Huaso” Isla, after two years of marriage and a daughter from the relationshipand news of the affair with the sportscaster meant that Pinilla received harsh criticism, considering that she broke the codes, since she was the wife of a former teammate of the Chilean soccer team.

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