Danger to the Public: Super Bowl Ad Attacks Tesla’s Autopilot – Find out the Allegations

2023-02-15 08:00:00 “Danger to the public” Super Bowl attacks Tesla violently 02/15/2023, 11:04 am (updated) Tesla’s supportive autopilot and the independently controlling “Full Self Driving” mode have occupied US authorities for some time. For the Super Bowl, a critic of the technology published a commercial with serious allegations: Tesla boss Elon Musk would endanger public … Read more

30 employees dismissed: Tesla probably prevents the formation of a union

Thursday February 16, 2023 30 employees laid off Tesla may be blocking union formation At the Tesla plant in Buffalo, workers want to form a union. (Photo: AP) Tesla employees in the US have every reason to worry about their jobs since the boss himself announced a wave of layoffs. Now 30 workers at the … Read more

Tempting US tax benefits?: Tesla’s battery cell factory near Berlin is on the brink

Tempting US tax breaks? Tesla’s battery cell factory near Berlin is on the brink 09/14/2022, 9:26 p.m Rising energy costs in Europe and tax benefits seem to be causing Tesla to rethink a planned battery factory in Germany. The new cell production plant could be built in the USA instead of in Berlin. Electric car … Read more

Tesla Model Y in the test: The electric car from Grünheide is really that good

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Conversion for more speed: In the Tesla plant in Grünheide, the assembly lines are at a standstill

Conversion for more speed At the Tesla plant in Grünheide, the assembly lines stand still 07/04/2022, 10:18 am According to a report, production in the Brandenburg Gigafactory will be suspended for two weeks. Since the pace of work is only half as high as planned, Tesla wants to change the processes. That’s why the production … Read more

273 times involved in the USA: Despite driver assistance, Teslas cause numerous accidents

273 times involved in the US Despite driver assistance, Teslas cause numerous accidents 06/15/2022, 11:29 p.m The US Department of Transportation is investigating how many accidents involve vehicles with driver assistance turned on, and which brands are particularly affected. Tesla is clearly ahead in the ranking, but the group also provides the most vehicles. CEO … Read more

Tweet triggered price fluctuations: Tesla boss Musk faces defeat in court

Tweet triggered price fluctuations Tesla boss Musk faces defeat in court 04/17/2022, 07:17 am With a tweet about a possible takeover of Tesla, Elon Musk is causing price fluctuations and losses among investors. They are taking legal action against the alleged false statements. A partial decision should already have been made. A US judge has … Read more

Problems with on-off relationship: Musk is rich, but only “middle happy”

Problems with on-off relationship Musk is filthy rich, but only ‘middle happy’ 03/27/2022, 2:41 p.m While Elon Musk is doing well economically, there are always problems in private life. The relationship with the musician Grimes is troubling the billionaire. As is its enormous popularity. Elon Musk is a real star entrepreneur. The man behind companies … Read more