Hiroshi Tamaki & Hiroshi Tachi are delighted to participate in the live-action “Gold Cam”! “It matches the image” and “too high reproducibility” visuals are a hot topic | cinemacafe.net

2023-08-30 09:55:13 Today, the cast of the live-action movie “Golden Kamuy” was announced, and the gorgeous people are receiving a lot of expectations on SNS. This work is a live-action adaptation of the best-selling manga of the same name, which has sold over 25 million copies. In the movie, it was announced that Kento Yamazaki … Read more

Kohei Matsushita & Hikari Mitsushima participate, release Ghibli tribute album | cinemacafe.net – Cinema Cafe

2023-08-28 19:30:02 Kohei Matsushita & Hikari Mitsushima participate, release Ghibli tribute album | cinemacafe.net cinema cafeReleased Studio Ghibli’s first tribute album. Rira Ikuta, Shigeru Kishida, Hikari Mitsushima, Ryuta Shibuya and others participated (with comments) music natalieStudio Ghibli’s first tribute album will be released 12 participating artists have been announced The title is Goro Miyazaki[with comments] … Read more

At the end of the impact of Aina Ashida “Ukumori”, the voice of “I can’t stop crying” rises … “The best teacher” 6 episodes | cinemacafe.net

2023-08-20 00:30:03 The 6th episode of the drama “The Best Teacher 1 year later, I was bullied by a student” co-starring Mayu Matsuoka, Aina Ashida, and Seishiro Kato will be broadcast on August 19th. At the shocking end of Ugumori, played by Mr. Ashida, there are voices of sorrow saying, “It’s a lie…” and “I … Read more

“Became Takuya Kimura’s masterpiece” … “Kimichika Kazama-Kyojo 0-” special edition, voices of rave reviews are overflowing on the net | cinemacafe.net

2023-06-26 14:45:03 The final episode of “Kimichika Kazama – Kyojo 0 -“, in which Takuya Kimura played the role of a detective instructor, will be broadcast on June 26th. “Kimichika Kazama has become Takuya Kimura’s masterpiece,” and “Takuya Kimura’s masterpiece of Reiwa era,” etc., are overflowing with voices that this work has become a new … Read more

Is Takumi Nishigaki a threat to passengers? “Pending Train” No. 6 passengers revealed | cinemacafe.net

2023-05-12 13:55:02 The 4th episode of the drama “Pending Train-8:23, Tomorrow with you” starring Yuki Yamada will be broadcast today, May 12th (Friday). Another vehicle warped to the future world, “Car No. 6” passengers have been revealed. One day, one of the trains heading to the city center is cut off and thrown into a … Read more

The first movie of Sylvanian Families has been decided! Struggle story of chocolate rabbit “flare” | cinemacafe.net

The first movie of “Sylvanian Families”, which has been loved all over the world for 38 years, will be released as “Theatrical Version Sylvanian Families Flare Gift”. The annual Star Festival is coming to Sylvanian Village again this year. Meanwhile, the chocolate rabbit girl Flare is worried. Her festival day is her mother’s birthday, but … Read more