Dispute over Nord Stream 2 puts German government under pressure

Brussels, Washington, Berlin New governments are usually given a grace period of 100 days. However, the traffic light coalition, which is only a month old, is not sparing itself. The dispute over the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline is already spoiling the mood. “I’m irritated that a coalition partner is falling behind the spirit … Read more

The People of the Year: The Editor-in-Chief’s Weekly Review

Good morning dear readers, on normal days, the Handelsblatt often focuses on facts and figures: GDP Eurozone in Q4, sales multiple in the financing round of the latest unicorn, survey data on the economic competence of the SPD. At the end of each year, however, we devote an entire issue to the people behind the … Read more

Does Scholz bring more innovation, digitization and Co.?

Nonetheless, his future coalition partners have expressed their admiration for the professional manner in which he conducted the coalition talks. The Germans wanted and got a safe pair of hands. And this is where it gets complicated. The traffic light coalition is not a political construct of the safe hand. It is the most daring … Read more

The comeback of Cem Özdemir – Handelsblatt Morning Briefing

From a political point of view, Cem Özdemir has a few advantages for a new cabinet line-up. In the federal elections, the Green won a direct mandate with an impressive 40 percent in Stuttgart; secondly, he has the strong Baden-Württemberg state association behind him and also has a migration background. In the difficult political equilibrium … Read more

“The pension is the black spot”

Berlin Former economic wise man Lars Feld has sharply criticized the coalition agreement with a view to pension policy. “What the SPD has achieved without the FDP and the Greens slowing them down is not sustainable,” he told the Handelsblatt. On Wednesday the SPD, Greens and FDP presented their coalition agreement. It provides for the … Read more

Federal audit office warns traffic light coalition of debt tricks

“The financial situation of the federal government is critical”, stated the Federal Audit Office in its new “inventory of the state of the federal finances” for the 20th electoral term. “Long-term financing on credit is not a viable alternative and is unsuitable for overcoming the challenges ahead.” This includes, among other things, the plan criticized … Read more