Gold futures rose nearly $20, crossing $2,000.

Gold futures soared nearly $20, surpassing $2,000 today. driven by the depreciation of the dollar and the fall in US government bond yields. At 11:18 p.m. Thai time, the COMEX (Commodity Exchange) gold contract is delivered in June. plus $ 19.40 or 0.98% to $ 2,005.60 / ounce A weaker dollar increases the attractiveness of … Read more

The price of gold futures continues to soar. The latest set to test the 2,000 line | RYT9

The price of gold futures continued to rise. Recently, near the level of $ 2,000, driven by the weakening of the dollar. and the fall in US government bond yields. At 00:38 Thai time, the COMEX (Commodity Exchange) gold contract was delivered in June. plus $ 12.80 or 0.64% to $ 1,997.30 / ounce A … Read more

US banks are calling on the government to protect deposits

Due to the crisis of American banks, due to the collapse of the banks “Silicon Valley” and “Signature Bank”, the “coalition of medium-sized banks in America” ​​is asking the US government to guarantee all deposits of their customers for a period of two years. The bankruptcy of Silicon Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank caused a … Read more

US bond yield hits 5%, 16-year new high

The 2-year US Treasury yield, sensitive to Federal Reserve monetary policy, soared above 5 percent to its highest level since 2007, while 10-year and 30-year Treasury yields adjusted. down below 4% As of 7:32 p.m. Thai time, the 2-year government bond yield was at 5.041% after reaching 5.047%, while the 10-year government bond yield was … Read more

anti-vaccine stance; Djokovic will not play in the US

Los Angeles: World No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic has been disqualified from the Indian Wells tennis tournament for not taking the vaccine against Covid. The expulsion comes after the US government rejected Djokovic’s request for an exemption from the vaccine law. English Summary: anti-vaccine stance; Djokovic won’t play in US