Severed Pig Heads Found on Doorstep: Targeted Attacks on Russian Propagandists

2023-09-27 19:25:00 Severed pig heads found on doorstep for Russian propagandists September 27, 2023, 9:25 p.m. Listen to article This audio version was artificially generated. More info | Send feedback They are enthusiastic about war and demand the death of as many Ukrainians as possible: There are now numerous ardent Kremlin supporters in Russia. Some … Read more

Sudan: ICC opens investigation into possible new war crimes in Darfur

2023-07-14 00:43:55 Published on: 07/14/2023 – 02:43Modified on: 07/14/2023 – 02:57 01:28 Karim Khan, the ICC prosecutor, presented a report on the situation in Sudan, Thursday, July 13, 2023, at the United Nations headquarters. © Mary Altaffer, AP Concerned about the situation in Sudan, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, announced on … Read more

Ukraine Conflict: Latest Updates, News, and Analysis

2023-07-10 03:08:00 The war in Ukraine celebrates 501 days this Sunday since the beginning of the invasion. Ukrainian forces carry the current initiative at the front, but its counteroffensive is slow and decimated by lack of weaponry. Ukraine and Poland have marked out their common interests before the great NATO summit at a meeting in … Read more

They fired an armor-piercing shell at him and threw him in a hole.. Vivid scenes of an attempt by Russian soldiers to kill a Ukrainian

An attack in 2022 by Russian forces on Ukrainian civilians near the Ukrainian city of Izyum was caught on camera and is now the focus of a war crimes investigation. A Ukrainian husband whose car came under fire from nearby Russian forces, seriously injuring the driver, and the wife fleeing with the help of a … Read more

ICC arrest warrant for Putin ‘is warranted’, Biden says

1:26 am: ICC arrest warrant for Putin ‘is warranted,’ Biden says The arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against Vladimir Putin for war crime is “justified”, declared, Friday, Joe Biden. The US president, speaking to reporters at the White House, recalled that the institution was not recognized by the United States, but felt … Read more

British intelligence: Russia is running out of kamikaze drones after bomb terror

After bomb terror against Ukrainians London: Russia runs out of kamikaze drones 11/24/2022, 12:24 pm (updated) For weeks, Russian troops have attacked Ukraine. The British Ministry of Defense has reported that there have been no reports of attacks by kamikaze drones for days. “Russia has probably almost exhausted its current stock.” According to British estimates, … Read more