The war in Ukraine.. What are martial law and why did Putin impose it in the annexation areas?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of martial law in four regions annexed by Russia from Ukraine raised questions about what those provisions are, the reasons for imposing them in the Ukrainian regions, and the extent of their impact on the Russian interior in light of the continuous military losses on the battlefield. On Wednesday, Putin … Read more

Russian icon rarely criticizes Putin

The scene was difficult, tears mingled with feelings of deep sadness, this was the case of the Ukrainian teacher, Helena, who collected her things from the classroom, before leaving a school she was working in in southern Ukraine, where the Russians control cities and villages, and impose the Russian education systems that Ukrainian cancels everything. … Read more

The Ukrainian president is involved in a traffic accident… and his spokesman reveals his health condition

Democratic and Republican members of the US Senate introduced a bill on Wednesday to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, in a move demanded by Ukraine but facing opposition from the administration of President Joe Biden. “The need for this measure is more urgent now than ever,” Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of … Read more

A “turning point”… Ukraine’s counter-attack inaugurates the stage of the “new war”

Within about a week, the Ukrainian forces recovered from their Russian counterparts areas of more than 3,000 square kilometers since the start of their counter-attack at the beginning of the month, according to what Ukrainian officials announced on Sunday, in developments that experts who spoke to Al-Hurra considered a “turning point” or the beginning of … Read more

“Kadyrov’s resignation” .. Questions about the timing of the Chechen leader’s speech

Despite the American categorical refutation of the Kremlin’s allegations about the United States’ involvement in the manufacture of biological weapons, this fake news continues to spread around the world with the support of the Chinese media, according to what was reported by the newspaper “”The New York Times“American. Some of the rumors being launched by … Read more

Russia halts gas flows to Europe via Nord Stream 1

Russia suspended gas supplies via a major pipeline to Europe on Wednesday, intensifying the economic battle between Moscow and Brussels and raising the prospect of a recession and energy rationing in some of the region’s richest countries.The outage through Nord Stream 1 is for maintenance and means no gas flows into Germany between 01:00 GMT … Read more