A rare picture of Kazem El-Saher tops the talk of followers.. So it seemed

In the past few hours, social media pioneers circulated an old picture of the Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher, in which he appeared with very different features, as he was at a young age, in his youth. According to what the observers indicated, this picture dates back to the period of Kazem Al-Saher’s military service, … Read more

Al-Saher’s first comment after the uproar of not attending Gulf 25

Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher revealed, on Saturday, details of his failure to attend the 25th Arabian Gulf Cup in Basra Governorate. Al-Saher said in an audio recording transmitted by social media, commenting on his failure to come to Basra, “One call was from the governor to my business manager, and he apologized in a beautiful … Read more

Kazem El Saher attends the Gulf 25 opening ceremony

The Iraqi artist, Kazem El Saher, arrived yesterday in Iraq in order to participate in the opening ceremony of Khaleeji 25 today, according to what was shared by a large number of followers on social media. During the past few days, there were conflicting reports about Kazem El Saher’s participation in the Gulf 25 opening … Read more

Kazem El Saher angers the Iraqi public… What did he do?

The Iraqi artist, Kazem El-Saher, was subjected to a wave of criticism from Iraqi journalists and media professionals, as well as by the pioneers of social networking sites in Iraq, because of his apology for not participating in the Gulf 25 opening ceremony in Basra, which will start on the sixth of next month. Adnan … Read more

After he was reported for not signing in the attendance and departure records…the director of the Tabuk Health Ministry relieves the attendance monitor

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The director of one of the health departments in the Tabuk region took a decision to dismiss the “time monitor”, who works under his management, after the latter reported his manager for not signing him in the attendance and departure records. The attendance monitor addressed the Director of Health Affairs in Tabuk Region, … Read more